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Computer Crime, Can We Do Something About It?

Computer Crimes and the Law For the past decades, computers are really very useful in different aspect of our life. Almost everything right now are all computer based. Along with this improvement and convenience brought by computers to our lives are some hi-tech problems too. I am talking about “computer crimes” that is really started […]

Malware that Hijacks Google & Adsense

Today I’ve checked my blog on Blogger at school and kind of annoyed on the slow loading of the website. I thought the problem was with the PLDT DSL connection again but when I see a different image on the Google Adsense, I suspected that there’s a virus or malware on the PC that I’m […]

Junkie Spam Mail

I have received another junkie spam mail on my Hotmail account asking for my password and other confidential information. People like this are not really stopping from this very unconvincingly scam to get inside emails. My guess is that it happen because I used my email address for the Busby SEO Challenge and participated in […]

Preventing and Removing Autorun.inf Virus

AUTORUN.INF Viruses are virus that uses the Autorun feature of Windows to spread itself on computers. This virus makes a copy of the autorun.inf file to the root or main directory of all the drives on your PC, internal and / or external disks, to make the virus runs every time the external disks like […]

How to Determine the Windows Startup Programs?

Windows startup programs are programs that runs every time that your Windows OS boots. These programs are all injected on different part of your Windows System. There are some downloadable utilities on the web that can extract a list of startup programs on your Windows such as the HijackThis and the StartupList. Why is it […]