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What is Serzfus? You might be asking what the hell this term mean and its relation to the primary goal of this website. Serzfus is just a unique name chosen by the bright minds of the "Bleuken" project team to uniquely identify the vision and mission of the current effort of the group in relation to startups, technologies, and business education for new venturers out there that want to try the deep waters of the business world. The site will try to impart its knowledge in helping them make their own way to the top the business world. Remember in every step you take, you need the right information to make a great decision and in business, decision is a vital component to become successful to any ventures.

Why we are doing this "Serzfus Startup Technology" buzz? There are no such thing as "free" in this world and you might be thinking that we want something in return in the tips and resources that we share here in this site. I don't know if you will believe us but this is our stand and belief. Sharing is loving and by sharing all the things that we learned for the past business years is our way of giving back to the world. What you can do to help us or thank us is to share the content in this site to other so that a lot of them will receive the same "gift" that you get after dropping in this site.

Where will I get the ideas? Is it original? I want to be honest with you guys! Some of the content that will be featured on this site are based on existing advice or tips from various experts from around the globe. I will make sure that I will give credits to the sources and I will mention it on each post I made. But, some original concepts will also be shared in the site as formulated by my team based on our personal experiences and ventures in our simple business life.

Who are the people behind this effort? I will lead this campaign but I am backed by my very reliable team namely by Marissa (aka cluebs) and Karen (kentips). These guys have been here with me since I started blogging and sharing stuff about business, technology, gadgets and earning money online. They were great support both for technical administration and content development of the website.

When did this Serzfus campaign began? We just recently started this effort. The first Sunday of February 2015 to be exact.

What is expected on this project? I am expecting that the site will open an avenue of opportunity or a platform for startups and investors to find each other at the same time share their thoughts and experiences of their ventures. Serzf today allows the submission of entrepreneurs and investors to post their ideas, innovations, business plans, tips, startup & technology videos and more.

How did we built the site? I use the popular open source content management system: Wordpress and uses the Simple Business theme by Nimbus Themes. The site is running in Nginx environment using the VPS service of DigitalOcean. For Serzf.com, I utilized the speed and simplicity of LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM) with Cloudflare as its DNS server and firewall+CDN.

Great Startup Tips From Various Successful Entrepreneurs Part #2


Great Startup Tips From Various Successful Entrepreneurs Part #2

In my previous post: Great Startup Tips from Various Successful Entrepreneurs, I have mentioned several great startup tips from different successful founders and business guys. I have included tips about



7 Essential Steps to Consider in Starting Your Startups

Now, you are pumped up with the “Great Startup Tips From Various Successful Entrepreneurs” and ideas are flowing with such ease and ready to be introduced to the world. But

serzfus startup technology business tips


Great Startup Tips From Various Successful Entrepreneurs

If you want to be successful in any business venture, you should listen to those people who have undergone the same situation and successfully overcome the challenges of the “emotional

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Serzfus Startup TechnologySerzfus Startup Technology (Serzf) is a group of dedicated individuals whose mission is to help startup technology concepts to be spread in the world by sharing ideas and resources to use by entrepreneurs and tech startups with their ventures. The website shares various startup videos and articles that contains useful tips from experienced businessman and highly respected individuals in the technology and startup world. For more details about Serzfus Startup Technology, just visit http://www.serzf.com/ today.

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