The famous and my favorite CMS (content management system), WordPress, released its 2.7 beta version last November 1. I already seen this that day but I did not discuss about it yet since that time I have no time to try it. Just only this night, I installed it on my website in a separate folder to test its features. After I am done with the “famous 5-minutes installation” of WordPress which actually does not take 5 minutes to finish configuring because it responded so fast, I immediately proceed to the famous WP dashboard. Here’s what I have seen on the nice new dashboard of the latest release of WP2.7 Beta 1:


I guess the snapshot shows everything that is new and nice with WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 and its enough to explain things that you need to know about the release but still as of now it is in beta stage. According to Ryan Boren of, this half-cooked release of WordPress 2.7 is already working fine with the browser Firefox and Safari browsers but they are still working on its visual design to work properly on Internet Explorer. They actually planning to release the final release of the new revisions of WordPress by November 10 but they postponed it and plan to make it available at the end of November. To download and read the detail of the said beta release, visit

Here are other snapshot I’ve taken from WordPress 2.7 Beta 1, showing the different revisions of the CMS:

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15 years ago

Sir pano mag install sang wordpress?