Fast and Cheap SSD Web Hosting for Your WordPress Blogs

If you have a personal WordPress site like this blog and you want to transfer from a slow shared hosting website whose facilities are not upgraded to keep up with the latest demand in web services, then you might want to consider the following fast but cheap SSD web hosting services for your website. Namecheap […]

How to Change Your WordPress Permalink Without 404 Errors?

There are some cases that you want to change the permalink of your wordpress. Maybe for SEO reasons or whatever. In my case, I changed it from the custom permalink “%postname%-%year%%monthnum%%day%” to the usual “%postname%” permalink structure since the latter structure is much “TIME” friendly compare to my old structure. Time friendly because, the old […]

WordPress Plug-in for Faster Website

It is important that your WP sites are responding well whenever your visitor visits. Not only because, Google officially announced that they’ll include site speed and performance as part of the ranking signals or factor for ranking your website on their SERP but also it is because that this will improve the user experience of […]