It’s already live! The free VPN service from Cloudflare called WARP is here. The fastest in the west and east in terms of  DNS, is now in an app called WARP with an added VPN (virtual private network) features that let you protect your internet connection private and safe. If you wish to download it, click >> WARP app << (Disclosure: By clicking the link, I will not earn from it but I will gain free 1GB for its paid service when you sign-up)

What I like about this service of Cloudflare is that it let you connect to the internet safely and simpler. You simply toggle the button of on / off and you’re good to go with no worries as your surfing is encrypted. Privacy is also assured as the service does not log any data from your surfing activities. Another thing is that this app is available different platforms. You can use it with your Android devices, Desktop computers (Mac or Windows), and iPhone devices. Did I mentioned that its FREE! Yes its definitely free and if you want more speed than what you are experiencing from its service, it got a paid service called WARP+ which cost Php 49.00 (about $1) per month.

WARP+ Free VPN from Cloudflare

But before you click the subscribe button from the app, please note that the VPN is not for gaming ( can be used but you might experience some lags ) but can be used for torrenting. Another difference of this app compared to other paid VPN out there is that you can not choose what country to connect. The app chooses the fastest data center for you and you have no choice but to live with it. This mean that you can not use this VPN for streaming services to bypass country restrictions.

Overall, the VPN is enough for your internet protection needs as Cloudflare is known for security and privacy protection.

Download and install it now to test it and let me know about your experience in using this VPN app.

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