Using Now – Much Faster Public DNS and More Private!

Last April 1, 2018 Cloudflare ( a company that provides free and secure CDN for everyone today), deployed their faster and much more private DNS to the world. They announced the public DNS. According to Cloudfare their public DNS is 28% faster than other public DNS out there. See the image below showing DNSPerf’s […]

Nginx and Cloudflare: How to Detect Cloners, Crawlers and IPs with Malicious Requests?

The following are the steps I performed to catch the malicious IP that was bugging my server for the past few weeks. Please note that I’m using SSH to access my Nginx server and used Cloudflare as my DNS. Identify which of your sites is under attack. If you’re using one domain for your server […]

How Did I Build My Serzfus Startup Technology Site with Only $5?

I will tell you today, how I build my Serzfus Startup Technology site and how it only cost me 5 dollars. I already explained about Serzfus and introduce the site last February 2015 via the page I exclusive build here at which can be found via Serzfus Startup Technology ( is a website […]