Bleuken is the official blog of Felixberto Baguyo, Jr., a Filipino SEO Specialist/SEO Consultant and computer programmer from Roxas City, Capiz Philippines. I’m a graduate of Bachelor in Computer Science and I’ve been practicing programming for several years already and developed various systems for different organizations here in our place. I have only discovered about search engine optimization back in 2007 and since then I’ve loved the craft and the “gifts” it gave to me and to my family. I’ve been to various search engine algorithm changes and adapting to these big and small changes. I am knowledgeable of the technical aspects of the SEO process and avoiding the “dark side” of the practice for years.

For more details about me, here are some of the basic facts/trivia about me:

Highest Educational Attainment: MSCS (some units)

Programming Skills/Languages: Visual Foxpro, C, Assembly, Visual Basic/.Net, PHP, C#, Android Development

SEO Competition Won:

  • Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) SEO Contest
  • Srednarb SEO Contest
  • Top 16 – Busby SEO Challenge (International)
  • 2nd Place – Searchfuse SEO Contest


  • SEO Consultancy
  • Programming and Web Design Services (Philippines only)


  • Capiz Chess Association, Inc.
  • SEO Philippines

Contact Information