Now you have a website with high traffic and you want to monetize it. There are a lot of ways to do that.You can either sell an ad space or use an ad network that will let you earn via the number of impressions that your sites are making.

The list below are some of the ad network where you can earn money online:

  • Google Adsense – I’ve been using this network for years already but there’s a slight bump I experienced when the “adsense reaping” happened few years back. In the event a lot of publishers around the globe were banned from using this network. Some earnings were questioned and totally prevent them from using the ad network. This results to a lot publishers look for other ad network and totally forgot an Adsense exist. If you think your content can’t be banned at all, use this network. They did pay a hefty amount for some of my contents few years back. How to get your earning from this network? Well, you can receive your payment via Western Union or cheque at NET30
  • Propeller Ads – like Revenuehits this site offers various ad formats except for banners. I think they remove it because of several issues they encounter with banner ads that causes websites to be flag red by Google. What I like about this ad network is that they continuously improve their system to provider better experience for their publisher and advertisers. They innovate new formats to make their publishers to earn more. Some of their new ad formats are the: Push Notification ad and a Hybrid Pop Under format that “conquers” the ad-blocking plugins. They also have a WordPress plugin that let you add their ads easily if you’re using a WordPress CMS for your site. Their payment terms is NET30 and you can receive your earnings via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Skrill and Web Money;
  • Revenuehits – this is a great alternative to Adsense. It let you earn from the various banners and pop-ups it display in your website. It uses eCPM to calculate your earning. The downside on this ad network is the various type of ads it display. Google even marked sites as deceptive when they see some of the ads of this network. However, the latest revamp in this network makes it to adapt to this change and prevent sites to be marked as unsafe. They clean their ad network with issues and now adapting to the worldwide acceptable ad format and ad display. Sign-up now to Revenuehits and see the difference with other ad network out there. Payment terms: NET30, mode: Wire Transfer or via Paypal.
  • AdCash – This is another site that can let you earn money online with your website. Your earning with this ad network is in Euro and various ad formats are also available with this network. Their newest ad format is the native ad format which is now mostly used by ad networks today because of it is acceptable by Google. They also have an anti ad-blocker pop-under ad format. The thing that distinguish this network to the mentioned network above is that this ad network can pay you via Bitcoin at NET30. Other payment method available are Paypal, Skrill, Wire Transfer and Web Money.
  • WWWPromoter Same with Revenuehits but you can get your earning anytime of the week. Pay via Paypal or Wire Transfer

Later, I will add more to the list.

External link disclosure: Please note that some of the links to these network will lead me to earn through referral. Despite this I still make sure that the information I provide for each ad network are accurate and fair.

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8 years ago

Those are good ways to monetize a site/blog. Though they don’t pay much. I think if someone wants to make better money the best way to monetize your blog/site is through affiliate marketing.

Find products related to your niche and post links or banners on your site and that way you can redirect people to the main offers.

I wish you the best