I’ve been ordering gadgets and stuff online in different online stores and if you’re reading some of my posts I’ve been ordering some of them in places like Play Asia, Multiply and eBay but since Multiply.com has been closed, I tried to find an online store. I tried Zalora to order for my wife’s maternity dress and well we’re quite satisfied with it. Then, I always saw LAZADA (in Google and Youtube ads) and even one of my staff ordered from them so I was intrigued and visited the site. I like the product listing and decided to order.

Here’s the “chronicles” of my Lazada Philippines good and bad experience (to summarize – this chronicle simply tells how fast Lazada delivers your order but they can send a wrong item and the return process of this company is surely a lengthy and stressful process. I should have avoided this site in the first place! The lessons I’ve learned: try reading reviews first before engaging any transaction in online stores like this. In my case, I read reviews after I start a transaction with them and I’m reading a lot of negative reviews. I thought my experience will be as great as my experience with other online stores and write a positive review about this company 🙁   )

9/9/2013. I made an order to them. I ordered 6 different items and made an installment payment via my BDO Credit Card.

9/10/2013. They confirmed, verified and shipped my order.

9/11/2013. I received all the item via LBC (this is the good thing, its fast right? Now the bad thing follows) but I find out later that I received one wrong item. I ordered for a Buffalo Airstation High Power Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router worth P4,990.00 but instead they sent me a non-dual band wireless router. I actually found out about it when I test the item if it got two frequency as the specification said in their website, it should have 2 band frequencies, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I find out that it has only 1 frequency, a 2.4Ghz and it only send 150Mbps instead of 300 Mbps as specified on the description of the website.

9/12/2013. So, the day after I received the item, I decided to return it via LBC with the the filled up Return Form as per required by LAZADA.

9/13/2013. Based on LBC’s tracking facility and email from LAZADA, they received the return item and they will evaluate it within 5 business days and process the replacement in 5 business days.

9/18/2013. I thought the 5 business days includes weekend so I emailed them checking if the evaluation for my returned item is already done. They replied and inform me that they already sent a follow up email to the returns team of Lazada to expedite the evaluation and the replacement process.

9/19/2013. I sent a follow up email again to get an update on the said issue and didn’t receive any reply from them so in the afternoon I called their customer service and sad to say, they don’t have any update yet and said to me that it is only the 4th day of the period that they specified for the evaluation and the 5th day will be on the next day and possibly they will be finished with it. Now, I begin to become impatient already.

9/20/2013. Friday, I didn’t receive any email from them in the morning so I called the CS again for the 2nd time in the afternoon checking any update. Still, I can’t get any sure information yet regarding the status of the transaction. The CS girl is saying again that they will email their back office to follow up it.

9/23/2013. I decided to email them via the Contact Us page of the site specifying my order number in the email and creating a new ticket. I thought they might reply much faster and get an update immediately. But I was wrong again. They are asking for the details that I already given to my previous email so I resend the follow up email to the previous ticket and I didn’t get any reply again.

I called their customer service again. It’s the same reply from their CS “they will follow it up.” It’s like I am talking to an answering machine, getting the same reply from them. This is hopeless! My stress adds up when a friend of mine tell his story that he experience the same. He didn’t receive any replacement from this company and he sent the return item last September 2. Woah, this might happen to me too.

So I decided to twit them and post a message in my Facebook wall and Lazada’s wall in trying to get their attention. I even posted a complaint review at http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/lazada-philippines/fast-delivery-wrong-item-slow-on-processing-returns-20130923448719.html. I hope they see it and immediately act on it.

Then, I already email BDO, inquiring if I they can hold the payment transaction I made on the said date and waiting for their reply.

9/24/2013. Today, I’m planning to call BDO hotline to request to hold the payment (Update: I didn’t call them yet, I’m busy today so I might call them tomorrow.)

I received two emails from them and it contains the same content, i.e., they will follow it up to their return team. In other words, there’s still no update on the return item.

9/25/2013. I emailed them again and after 30 minutes someone called me from Lazada telling me that they don’t have the stocks for the actual item that I ordered and they will refund me within 2-3 business days. They should have informed me earlier and I should have avoided the stress that I have experienced for the past few days waiting for their update.

I also told them that the item I ordered is still displaying on their website with 4 stocks left (see image below). Its like a trap waiting for another online shopper to be lured and suffer the hassle and trouble of shopping with them. Now, I’ll be waiting for their refund and I hope they will process it as they have promised.

If I will be giving Lazada Philippines  a grade or rating for their services based on my experience with them, the following will be their grades  :

Delivery of Goods: 1.0 (Excellent,  Fast Delivery. LBC Roxas have been very helpful.)

Accuracy / Correctness of Delivered Item: 3.00 (Almost Failed, they delivered 1 wrong item out of 6 item but its price is almost half of the total cost of the 6 item so I gave them 3.00)

Customer Service: 3.00 (they are friendly but can not provide immediate solution or update about your concern).

Processing of Returns: 5.00 (Failed and they need a lot of improvement with their return system. They should have updated me immediately that they can not replace my order because the item is “OUT OF STOCK”)

Processing of Refunds: INC (Incomplete, I am still waiting for their refund)

Final Grade: 3.0 (Almost Passed. Not recommended for online shoppers who want a hassle free experience but if you want to try them then shop from them at your own risk!)

Update: I email them last night (9/26/2013) to ask if how they will refund me with the current payment method I used, i.e. 6-months installment using my credit card, and how they will adjust it since the installment got an interest based on the total cost of the transaction. Up to now they are not replying yet.

Actually, prior to yesterday, they called me apologizing and saying that they read my blog. They are explaining something about my payment method and the refund but every time they are trying to discuss it (they call me twice), the transmission became poor and so “chappy” so I asked them to call again but they didn’t call again after that. More updates later about the status of my REFUND from LAZADA.

9/30/2013. I emailed them again for the third time, trying to follow-up about my inquiry regarding how they will process the refund as I mentioned above. I didn’t receive any reply from them yet as of this update.

I called their CS and still there’s no update about the refund. It seems Lazada really sucks big time when in terms of updating their customers about a certain transaction. They told me I will get an update about processing the refund in 2-3 business days but up to now, I didn’t receive any message or reply from them.

However, I receive an email from BDO telling that I should coordinate directly to Lazada (which I am doing via email and call) to cancel the transaction to them and the adjustments on my credit card will reflect within 14 banking days. I will update this post to let you know if I already received the refund.

Update: I saw the reversal of my payment on my current credit card billing statement.


  1. nestor

    FYI. Negligence po ng seller kung mali yung items or ndi match sa expectations nyo yung mareceive nyo, intended by them or not. Madalas misleading yung descriptions but if we check all the details plus the reviews maiiwasan natin yung feeling na naloko tayo kasi yun naman talaga yung inorder nyo. Lazada does have their quality control, customer services, return options and security measures but lets just face it. No one can control everything even if they are trying. You can have bad shopping experience not just in Lazada but even to your most trusted online shops. Just be a wiser buyer next time.

  2. John Louie O. Pamintuan

    Mukhang pag t tyagaan ko nalang yung na deliver sakin na earphones na iba. Awei es900i dapat pero napadala is Awei ES-50TY. Wala rin kasi ako sa bahay namin nung na receive yung item, eh kampante naman ako kasi lagi naman tama na dedeliver sakin, ngayon lang nagkaganto. Alam ko halagang 258 php lang inorder ko pero if sa ganoong halaga palang palpak na sila what if sa matataas na value na item pa kagaya na nga ng nangyari po sa inyo sir.

  3. Jan Karlo Bajuyo

    Hello po, I also experienced the same thing. I bought a christmas lights (string lights) on January 10, 2018 and they delivered an outdoor laser light (wrong item). I returned the item and requested for a replacement item but since i had researched lazada and read reviews that never to buy from lazada sellers who have 80% below rate, I contacted lazada thru live chat and told them i want a refund (money) instead. They told me that I can request for a Store Credit Voucher refund and they will process it but until now (February 4, 2018) I still haven’t received an email regarding my SCVoucher. I have chatted numerous representatives and still same replies (We will update you in 24-48 hours and coordinate with the return and refunds team) and still none. I asked for the email ad of the return and refunds team but they can’t give it daw. I’m frustrated na po.

  4. Hi Guys! I have the same experience right now. Umorder ako ng Dremel Router sa kanila then nirefuse kong ireceive nung dineliver na, kasi walang warranty unlike other sellers na meron naman. So instruction sakin ng LAZADA irefuse ko lang daw at macacancel na daw yun NOvember 6, 2017 ko siya inorder, 1 -2 working days lang daw ang cancellation at 15 days daw and reversal sa Bank since credit card ang ginamit ko. But until now ang status parin ng cancelled order ko ay “shipped”. Halos every other day ako tumatawag sa kanila palaging ganon padin ang sagot sakin “iveverify daw at ipprocess daw ang cancellation” last na tawag ko naconfirm na nila na nasa warehouse na yung cinancel kong order eh. Hanggang nagyon hindi parin successful yung order. Paulit-ulit lang ang usapan namin ng customer service nila! Tas lakas pa ng loob magpasurvey! Last na bili ko na to sa LAZADA! LAZADA ano ba?

  5. Michael Respicio

    i’m experiencing the same scenario right now. i receive a completely defective unusable mobile from them. same day pina ship back ko pero 8 days na wala pa din sila matinong ma isagot sa refund ko. nag file na ko ng complaint sa Dti at may schedule hearing na kami sa oct. 19. napaka walang kwenta ng customer support nila, papa ikot ikotin ka lang nila na parang bata ang kinaka usap hangang sa tumagal ng tumagal. kala ko isolated case lang nung una yung mga nabasa ko or masyado lang picky yung mga customer na kahit minor issue ibabalik, yun pala totoong madalas mangyari at yun na nga nangyari na din sakin. kung ayaw niyo ma stress ng sobra avoid to buy anything sa lazada kasi para kang sumusugal at sa huli pag defective nakuha mo ma sstress ka lang sa service nila. i’m planing to write a blog din about may experience to them para naman ma iwasan na ng iba bumili sa kanila. mag leleave din ako ng reviews sa lahat ng connecting post nila para naman makabawi sa stress na binibigay nila sakin.

    1. Tsk, nakakalungkot (nakakabahala) naman ‘yung experience mo sa kanila. Update mo kami sa status nung reklamo mo sa DTI para alam namin kung may patutunguhan kung magrereklamo ka sa kanila. Aasahan namin yan!

      1. tinawagan na ko kanina ng lazada they promise na aayusin na nila agad yung refund tomorrow. pero i’m still pissed to them on how they treat their costumer. di ko na nga na iisip pa yung refund mas eager ako to serve justice to all at sa sarili ko sa pang aabala na ginawa nila sakin. kasi na stress ako kakapalit ng password ng online banking at social media account ko dahil pinilit nila ko ibigay yung password ko sa phone. may be they will just repair the phone and sell to market again. i’m trying to communicate na din sa iba pang nka experience at nakaka experience ngayon ng poor customer service ni lazada to continue or file a big case against them. kaya all of you following sa blog ni Sir Blueken na balak din mag file ng case kay lazada you are free to contact me on my email or facebook, [email protected]. wag tayo pa bully sa bwisit ng online shop na yan. i’m sure they just laughing when i said i will sue them kaya i will make them pay to all the trouble at stress na ginawa nila sakin.

    2. Cromwell

      Same here. LAZADA is a big joke. I returned an Item. Narecieved nila Aug 5. Until now waiting pa rin ako sa refund. Bullshit diba? Sa halagang P900.00 nagpakabullshit.


    I bought CKK duke 6 phone for my mom. I found out na di makasagap ng signal ung sim. Bagong bili pa ung sim . And the sim works fine sa other phone. I tried to reset the phone then but to my surprise the phone wont reset kasi nag eerror ang settings and nag aautomatically close sya. And im planning to return the phone ksi di talaga sya mapapkinabangan. And i read all the bad experience nattakot tuloy ako. Credit card din kasi gonamit ko. And one question pa po. Ung delivery name and acct details sa lazada kay mommy. Pero cc acct ko nasa akin nakapangalan ginamit. If im gonna return the item is thru my name or s mom ko. Sana po may sumagot.

    1. Hi Nadine! You should use your Lazada account to contact their customer service for that issue. Good luck!

  7. Piijei


    I’m hoping you could help me. I bought a cheap smart tv in Lazada worth 6,999, recieved it last Monday Sep 18. Im so disappointed that the item is defective upon opening. I tried to follow the instructions regarding return process stated in Lazada website, I also printed the online return form to attach in the return package as per LBC’s condition. But when I go to the LBC branch, they rejected my return package. They said it has to be sealed in a wooden package with styro, aside from the original packaging. Like WOW! WTF! I Tried 2 different LBC branch, and they both rejected. Imagine the heartbreak?

    1. Disappointed with TV (SPARC)

    2. It was supposedly a gift to my papa, but with the incident, we got into an arguement. (He is more irritated than me, because he dont understand the transaction I had with Lazada and LBC.

    3. Passing days are wasted, not able to use the bought item upon delivery.

    4. No cash guarantee back. (Most probably gift voucher)

    5. Traumatic. I want to get my money back, to buy a different brand and different store not in Lazada anymore. But the problem is that, there is no cash guarantee back as per online reviews, so most probaby gift voucher for the refund. Triple B.S! (Lazada please. Not anymore!)

    6. Today is 4th day of the received item. In 7 days, if the item is still with me. It’s going to be my forever with this junkie.

    7. And lastly, LBC. I hate this thing that LBC is my last resort and yet, It wasnt able to help, In fact they just added a frustration.

    There so much in my head, but I will cut this here. I know posting here may not solve the problem, but I just want to vent out my frustration, and share my bad experience, to somehow feed a lesson to everyone.❀❀❀

    1. I feel you! 🙂 This is the reason from now on that I’m ordering from them via COD only and avoid ordering from them if it is electronics. Let us know the status of your case and I hope it will be resolved soon.

  8. CB

    I am currently experiencing this too.. mine costs 3+++ i sent the items back to them already. And you know what’s making this worse??? They blocked me from calling their hotline and sending messages on FB.. what do you expect me to think? That they do not want to refund right??? I am thinking of what to do if they don’t reply to my email. This might be a small amount to others but for me this can buy a lot for my family’s needs. And i swear to God i will do whatever it takes to make them pay and for others not to experience this again.

  9. John

    I will write this in CAPS for those who have a credit card or Paypal and debit card.




    1. I read the complaints and I don’t think LAZADA is doing the phishing activity but it is probably the buyer was victimized in other websites or his/her computer is infected by a malware that is capable of phishing and uses the information to do transaction with them. However, Lazada should have reacted in favor of the owner of the card and hold the transaction to verify the transaction first. The suggestion of the CS was also correct that they inform their credit card/ bank and file a dispute of the transaction. Regarding the hacker’s/phisher’s identity, the owner should have filed a case to pursue him so that they can legally request to Lazada about the transaction. The company just can’t provide any information without any legal request (well, Data Privacy Act, etc protects the information stored on them). By the way, its the responsibility of the credit card owner to protect him/herself from phishing and identity theft so be careful with any transactions that you are making online involving your information and payment details. Be Safe!

  10. Marites

    Parang okay naman sa LAZADA umorder parehas lang sila ng inooffer ng http://www.goods.ph kasi feeling ko mag kakaprehas lang sila ng item. yung zalora naman panget kasi mumurahin mga items nila puros class a.

  11. iya

    Hi guys!so happy got my full refund in cold cash!!received defective item jul 8 the next day i returned and 11th july Lazada sent email saying my refund is processed but need wait 24 hours before claim.and now i got my refund thru LBC.thanks Lazada!

  12. iya

    Omg!can’t help to worry with just reading comments here..i just returned an item today worth 8,999 .i purchased lenovo laptop and product key activation is not working that prompted me to chat CS thru their live chat and told me to just return the item.i opted for a refund coz i fear same problem occur if i opt for replacement ..but after reading your comments guys,really i’m kind a shock like with an open mouth i just hope i get the refund soon ..fingers crossed!omg 8,999 is quite big money to lose for someone like me

  13. Liessa

    I’ve discovered a new player in the game: http://www.goods.ph. I think this online shopping Philippines website is the best alternative for lazada, in term of product and price. It also have COD option.

    1. I check the site and they have limited number of items featured and search function is not that comprehensive compared to Lazada. But it still got time and room to improve. I hope they will ‘coz I am interested to order from them in the future. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. Please don’t comment twice and use different accounts at the same time. It seems that you are promoting the said site for “whatever” reason. “I know what you are doing!” 🙂

  14. Jerems

    Have you tried http://www.goods.ph I think sa time ngayon mas okay ang performance ng Goods PH kaso hindi lang masyadong kilala. Umorder ako ng xiaomi piston sa kanila wala pang 3days na deliver na agad sa bahay tapos tumatanggap sila ng COD saka maganda sila mag handle ng item walang lukot yung box ng earphones ko.

  15. sheena

    i have a problem with the refund too. i received an email na pwedi kuna daw kunin young refund ko pero pagpunta ko nman sa lbc sabi ng personnel wala silang makita sa account at ” being processed” pa daw. nakakairita lang kasi yun lang pinunta ko tapos hindi ko rin lang nman makukuha. prehas lang sinasabi ng mga CS nila, mag sesend daw sila ng email for feedback pero wala parin. nakaka disappoint.

    1. Mari


      Are there any updates on your case? Kasi ako, Halos 1 month na yung refund ko, hindi pa rin activated yung voucher ko. Halos 3k+ din yun 🙁

      1. Maria

        Ako umorder ako ng tv sa Lazada ace tv nung sept. 12.2017 32 inches. Pag open ko ng box ang nakalagay microphone extension cord at radio. Na luma. Tapos 2 weeks ko na sya nasoli . Wala pang update at hindi nila binibigay refund ko . 2 weeks na wala parin update . Palage ako nagpapa follow up puro ganun lang sinasabi under evaluation daw. Lazada bad online.

        1. Ganon pa rin pala ang problema hanggang ngayon tsk. I-follow-up mo talaga dahil parang hindi nila pinapansin yung case mo. Sayang din yun kaya wag kang tumigil sa kakakulit sa kanila … yun nga lang madadag-dagan ang gastos mo.

  16. Hi! I don’t know if some of you experienced my bad experienced or what… but let me share this bad experienced of mine… I’m from Philippines and I wanted to buy an action figure of FINAL FANTASY XV worth of 2,999 pesos.. alright so let me start my long long bad experienced…

    May 16, 2017… I noticed that there is something wrong in LAZADA so I asked twitter (LazadaPH) if their page is working fine, and so they said ‘yes it is’ so I ordered my anticipated item.

    On top it said ‘error blah blah thing’ so I placed again and it said ‘error blah blah thing’ again. and so, I message twitter (LazadaPH) and tell them what’s going on. They advice me to asked my issuing bank, so I did.

    When I went in my ‘bank’ they said LAZADA took my money two times! even though it said ‘error blah blah thing’ and so I lost 2,999 pesos in just one day. 2,999 x 2 = 5,998 pesos in just one day! that was not the worst part! the worst part is when my order was not successfully confirmed or received by LAZADA and yet! they deduct some money from my card! and I lost my money in just one day!

    Now, if asked me if I do some action regarding this matter? yes of course I did! 5,998 was not a joke! so I called LAZADA Philippines customer service. They tell everything about the solution in my problem. Frankly I am satisfied in their explanation.

    I’m willing to wait! 5-15 days? no worries I can wait that long! and then today is the 10th day since I lost my money.. Yesterday I went to my ‘issuing bank’ to asked them if my money was successfully reversed, since Lazada told me so. They said no.. not yet.

    Alright so I called LAZADA again and they said, actually my money was not successfully received by their payment team! and it will reflect in my card 5-45 banking days… Alright willing to wait!

    But my sister! is not like me! she can’t wait any longer! she want that item so bad! and so I contacted my friend to asked him to used his card to order this item since he already used his account several times in LAZADA.

    And so he ordered this item. It was successfully ordered! LAZADA send us confirmation #… wait a minute! if you think it was successful now? na-ah! again and again! LAZADA took our money! cancelled our order again and again!

    Wow! so from 5,998? let us plus 2,999 again! equals to 8,997! wow! same item! different card who actually had history on successfully purchased something on LAZADA but both card failed…

    Now for this card of my friend we have to wait 5-15 days before we know if the money worth of (2,999) will going to come back in his card! and for me? I have to wait until June 28 just to know if I will have my money back woth of (5,998) again!

    The worst part is that I lost 8,997 money, without assurance if these money will coming back to me! and now I have 2,999 pesos, dept to my friend!

    If you want to advice me, “Why don’t you placed you’re order via cash on delivery?” well the item ships from abroad.. and so cash on delivery was not available!

    Lazada offer me Alipay! but I’m not going to buy this offer! Why!? because if I did! then I ordered this item again! and again! what if they cancelled my order and I already paid in 7/11 store? then I lost 2,999 pesos again? if that so.. then I will lost 11,996! oh no! not again!

    And so! I will wait for my mon.ey to come back! but I already lost my trust in LAZADA! I don’t know if I’m going to buy in this online shop… Yes it was a small amount.. but for someone like me? it was a big worth of money! so I have to wait and see if I will have my money back.

    Lastly! I report the problem about the item! and they said maybe I am the one who mistaken how to fill something in the requirements when buying using debit or credit! and so I tell them it was impossible! since this is not the first time my friend and I used our card in LAZADA! and for the history we both successfully buy our item! before this item gave us pain in the ass!

    So my advice? don’t buy again and again! because you may not know if you already lost your money, and when will it reflect or come back to your card again.

    Hopefully no one will experience the same… sorry for my bad English.. I just lost all my hope.. money and I feel so down right now…

    1. This is a sad story (and a long one) indeed! Why not try the Cash On Delivery instead. At least if everything fails in their system, you didn’t release your fund yet. What do you think? Try COD in your next transaction, I think it will be much better.

      1. If only there is available payment for ‘Cash on delivery’ why not? but as I said… the item I wanted to purchased was imported products… meaning to say LAZADA will not let me to buy this item using ‘Cash on delivery’ as payment method 🙁 I wish I can have my money back…..

        1. I see, I think they will. Good luck!

      2. Keish

        Hi ask ko lang po may problema din ako sa pag claim ng refund, ayos na sana nag e-mail na and nag txt si lazada na pwede ng i claim ang refund pag dating ko sa lbc sabi di nila mabibigay kasi hindi ko full name ang nilagay ng lazada. Ipa correct muna daw. Nag reply nko for so many times sa lazada na iaayos ang name wala pa din sagot. Ano po pinaka mgandang gawin sana? Salamat in advance

        1. Try calling their CS and tell them about the situation. There’s no other way to claim your refund so just be patient. Good luck!

  17. Teretchi Valer

    My God. I too experienced inconvenience in that lazada . I ordered a sewing machine and they gave a very defective one in a very old ugly box. it was an old sewing machine with defective bobbin case. They gave me headache.

    1. Vanvan

      Omg i experienced this as in today, i ordered 2 types of wireless mic then i apparently received a wrong item which is 2 pcs worthless power bank. Not even worth for the price of my origin item. Then i contact lazada asking for the refund since it was cod way. Then they’re telling me that they need to follow the process and confirm the item. Like wtf they sent the wrong item for the first place.

      1. Sorry to hear that. I think Lazada should have a system to penalize sellers sending wrong items. Maybe losing their top position in the list of items or whatever so that it can’t be found when someone search. My advice rate the seller and leave a comment so that other buyers will have an idea about the seller and avoid them.

  18. Anna May

    Hi, I experienced the same incident like you. I ordered last Feb. 8, and it was delivered to me on Feb. 9, 2017. I checked the phone and found out that the phone cannot display any wallpaper from the gallery and from the online shop. I opted to return the item and asked for a total refund thru LBC Remittance because I fear that the same problem may occur again. They emailed me Feb. 14 informing me that the item already reached their warehouse and needed 2 freaking days just to fully checked the item. They sent an email last Feb. 16 informing me that the phone has a passcode and yet they cannot checked the phone fully. I gave them the passcode thru email and thru phone call but to my surprise Feb. 17 they informed me that there is nothing wrong about the item even though they cannot open it since they are insisting for a locked phone and that they are going to re-deliver it the following day which is Feb. 18. I called them immediately and told them that I am very much dismayed about their concern. I told them that I will not accept it for I am asking for a FULL REFUND from the very beginning. Last, Feb. 19 they told me that my refund has been processed and yet I needed to wait for another day for it to be processed. Yesterday, Feb. 20 I received another email informing me that I have a total of 9699 as store credit and not FULL REFUND. I immediately called them informing that I needed my refund. Up until now, I haven’t received any refund. This is killing me already!!!!

    1. Pissed mom

      We have the same experience. They kept calling me that my refund would be sent thru LBC but f**k, they sent me store credit which i dont wanna use. There refund system really sucks big time. I dont recommend them to ANYONE. DONT BUY AT LAZADA (period)

      1. Sorry to hear that. I’m still ordering from them and I think they improve with the delivery but no incident with return / refund yet after the first incident. I hope I will not experience it again. Tsk 🙁

        1. Krizzia

          I tried using paypal for payment last march and they didn’t charge me until the item was in verified. so i thought that they do the same with debit/credit. to my surprise, the item was not even processed but still they charged me immediately. Sadly, I cancelled it before it was even processed in hopes that they haven’t charged me yet. But upon checking, they already deducted it from the debit card. and now, they told me that it will take 45days to be reversed. I hate Lazada right now. tsk.

        2. Noi

          Hello sir, may I please ask, Can a recipient refuse the delivery if it is the wrong item (if payment method was hellopay or credit card?
          (I think, the recipient can refuse in COD)

          1. You can return the item if is the wrong item and if they can’t give you the right product (which happened to me as described in my post), you can ask for a refund instead. Couriers’ job is to deliver the item and doesn’t decide if it is the right one or not. The transaction is between the recipient and the seller so you need to receive it first then return the item. I don’t know if some couriers allow refusal of delivery if it is not correct or not but it will just indicate a failure of delivery and doesn’t solve the issue. My advice is receive the item and return it if is wrong. Of course, CC or hellopay will take about 15 to 30 days to process to get a refund or reversal. It’s not LAZADA’s fault but its the usual processing time for credit card reversal or refund transactions. Of course, Lazada is the one who is initiating the reversal/refund process so if they fail to do it in a efficient fashion then it will really take much longer.

  19. jeffrey

    ung nabili ko na phab phone nasiya after 7 days 4999 ang bili ko hnd na mag charge kht ilang oras na naka plug in… hnd ko tuloy alam kung iparefund ko o ipapagawa ko na lang^_^ sayang kasi pag hnd nabalik 4999 ano sa palagay nyu?

  20. Kyle

    I ordered an iphone from lazada and paid via bdo credit card. But after a day, I received a text message saying that my order was cancelled bc i didn’t confirm my order. But I didnt receive any call nor email to confirm my order. So I contacted lazada and sabi is irerefund nalang daw. It’s been 5 days since sinabi nila na narefund na daw. Pero nung tumawag kami sa bdo, wala pa din daw. Sa tingin niyo, how long will it take before marefund talaga? And san ba matagal yon, is it sa lazada or sa bdo na? Thanks.

    1. Sa experience ko ang reversal usually pinaprocess in 14 business days ng bank and makikita mo yan sa billing statement mo pero you should ask Lazada if they already start the process of the reversal at baka makalimutan nila. 🙂 Sa susunod sa apple store ka na lang bili!

  21. LAZADA is selling item that seemed used already, july16 arrived my ordered lumia830 phone i saw the log-in a person in microsoft account on the phone and the camera isn’t work. and the phone is has damaged.
    i think it is not advisable to buy phone their because you cannot assured if the item is still a brand new and plus they don’t put on the description if it is second hand… feeling disappointed and just wasting my money buying items from them.

    1. Did you try to return the item? Try returning it, i think they can replace it.

  22. Kai

    2 years later, and the issue is still happening. For 2 consecutive days, I received incorrect items for 2 separate purchases from Lazada and now they want me to wait for more than 1 week just to verify if my return is “eligible”

    Sorry for posting in an old entry, I needed a place to rant >_<

    1. Thank you for the comment and your post. Lately, I see some changes on how they handle orders. You can now see an update on what is happening with your order and I actually ordered an item from them again the other month and didn’t experience anything like what I have experienced before. I don’t know about their CS yet if there’s improvement but I am not closing my door to them.

      1. raz

        Their CS responses should be improved way way better. They still send generic copy-pasted responses to queries. You’ll be lucky if the one who responded is not lazy to fully read and understand your concern. Maybe, that’s why others have very bad experience with Lazada. SOME of their employees don’t even care about customer’s impressions. I hope they will take account into this. Well, this is acceptable because they were around for just 3 years here in PH.

        I have a pending order that is in a “being packed and ready” status for 4 days now. I’m being positive that this order will not give me a headache and let me write a negative article for them.

        I am browsing some of your posts here Sir Felixberto. They give me ideas in what to do with my blog since I am a new blogger and started just a few days ago. Thank you very much!

    2. Keithy


      1. Try mo pre contact ulit ang CS nila. I think ang issue is sa seller nila. Try more rate low yung seller nila at tandaan mo na wag kang kukuha from that seller kasi pagkaka-intindi ko sa system ng Lazada e sila lang yung platform ng seller para magbenta at humaharap sa buyer in behalf of their seller. Baka nga na-email nila yung procedure kung pano mo kukunin, icheck mo Junk or Spam folder mo baka andun. Sayang din yung 1,600 no!

  23. Felixberto Baguyo Jr.

    Update: Lazada PH contacted me today via email and informed me that they already processed the refund. According to them, I will receive the refund within 5-15 banking days. This ends my post about them and my experience with Lazada Philippines.

  24. regiebueno

    This is very bad sir Felix. I been reading a lot of comments about this issues on this particular online site. Well, hoping you can hear some good news sir later on.

    1. Felixberto Baguyo Jr.

      I hope so…!!! it seems that Lazada’s problem is handling return items. Their CS said that their return department might be handling a lot of concerns and this might be the possible reason for delay. But if that’s the problem they should have added more people dealing with this issue or rather avoid sending WRONG ITEMS to avoid a lot of returns.

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