Download Goodbye Paputok aka World’s Safest Firecracker from DOH, Direct Link and Mirror Site

It is all over news! DOH (Departh of Health) got a modern way to minimize the incident of firecracker related accidents. That is they have released a freely downloadable MP3s dubbed as “Goodbye Paputok”  and tagged by DOH as “World’s Safest Firecracker” which is a collection of  recorded sounds of Five Star, Watusi, Super Lolo, Judas […]

Partial & Unofficial Result of the Philippines Elections 2010

Here’s the partial and unofficial result of the Philippines Election 2010 based on the data gathered by PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting) as of 13th of May 2010 8:09 AM: As of May 13 2010, 8:09 pm. 68,711 of 76475 precincts 89.85% PRESIDENTIAL RACE NAME VOTES PERCENTAGE 1) AQUINO, BENIGNO SIMEON III C. […]

Results of the Philippines Election 2010: What to Expect?

Update: Click HERE for the Partial and Unofficial Results of the Philippines Election 2010 It is less than a month before the election time in the Philippines and you’ll see a lot of banners and flyers scattering around the streets. People you don’t know suddenly smile at you and becoming more friendly. Road projects suddenly […]

Philippines Presidential Election 2010 Poll Survey – Who Will Be My President?

Update: Go here for the partial and unofficial results of the Philippines Presidential election 2010. The national campaign for the Philippines election 2010 started today and despite the massive information campaign of the presidential candidates via different infomercials on TV, internet, newspaper and radio, still I am not decided on who among the presidentiable will […]

What’s My Plan for 2010?

It’s February and I know that its too late for me to say something about plans for 2010. I should have posted this on January but I will just post it anyway. Now this year, I am planning to increase my earning and will try to reach a 6 digits annual earning (in dollars). Yeah […]