Phishing Scam Letter from MetrobankDirect Poser

It’s two days in a row that I received a “phishing scam email” from the same sender this week. I don’t know if I’m targeted or where they get my email address from. I actually almost fall for it because when I check the sender’s email address it shows the official email address of Metrobank Direct Philippines. […]

How Did I Build My Serzfus Startup Technology Site with Only $5?

I will tell you today, how I build my Serzfus Startup Technology site and how it only cost me 5 dollars. I already explained about Serzfus and introduce the site last February 2015 via the page I exclusive build here at which can be found via Serzfus Startup Technology ( is a website […]

You Can Now Embed Facebook Videos

That’s right! Facebook now allows you to embed your videos to your websites. This move by Facebook was announced during the F8 event in San Francisco. Users now can embed Facebook-hosted videos anywhere on the web, just like it’s possible to do with Youtube or Vimeo videos. This will definitely pose a big challenge to […]

Creating the Best College Experience Ever!

Every student that goes into college experiences different worries and pressures at the very beginning of the school year. There are a lot of college admission requirements to comply, they need to pass the college interview and college admissions exam usually given by the college admissions counselor, and write an effective college application essay. Just […]