The “Secrets” of re-CAPTCHA Revealed

A new video was produced by Google Webmaster Help but today it is not about search engine optimization (SEO) or stuff about links from Matt Cutt but now its about how to prevent spams on your website. Luis von Ahn, a research scientist at Google introduced a free service called re-CAPTCHA. It is a service […]

How To Prevent Hacking? Surviving It!

Recently a lot of websites are reported being attacked by several hackers from different part of the world. Even the government websites are said to be hacked (which I honestly doubt it and personally in my opinion, I believe that its an inside job, someone gave the access 🙂 ). Now the possibilities that your […]

Laganap: Sikat ang Pinoy My First Tagalog Site

I’ve been blogging for several years now and I use English as the primary language for my blog. This month, I have decided to build a new site that will use my native language – Filipino. The site is named as which is the Filipino equivalent of the word widespread or prevalent. It has […]

Customize Your 404 Page for Better User Experience

There are some cases that visitors or even you misspelled URLs from your site when they try to visit a specific page on your website. Sometimes they use from other site that point to non-existing page or posts from your blogs or website. This happens when you delete a page or rename the permalink or […]