A new video was produced by Google Webmaster Help but today it is not about search engine optimization (SEO) or stuff about links from Matt Cutt but now its about how to prevent spams on your website. Luis von Ahn, a research scientist at Google introduced a free service called re-CAPTCHA. It is a service that protects your website from possible automated spams via asking your users, visitors or commentators to type a two human readable words or captcha before their comments are accepted.

Aside from that, Luis von Ahn revealed about the story behind the service and the other use of the captcha. Here’s the video containing his explanation:

As you can see on my comment section, it is now equipped with re-Captcha but I still set my comment moderation on.

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14 years ago

One of my sites is a forum and I get about six bots a day on it. They Register and make posts. Captcha is needed and will need to stay ahead of the spammers as far as technology. LOL I wonder how much time I have spent typing in Captcha. Good video and good article, thank you.