Phishing Scam Letter from MetrobankDirect Poser

It’s two days in a row that I received a “phishing scam email” from the same sender this week. I don’t know if I’m targeted or where they get my email address from. I actually almost fall for it because when I check the sender’s email address it shows the official email address of Metrobank Direct Philippines. […]

My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and My Worries!

Update: Really a hassle! I returned the USB-C to micro usb adapter of my OCULUS VR2 with the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 7 box and this mean that I can’t use my S7 edge in the device. I tried contacted the Samsung store where I get my galaxy but it seems that they can’t find ways […]

Area Rugs As a Piece of Fine Artwork

People usually buy area rugs for their homes offices to protect their hardwood floors, ceramics, vinyl, stone, marble, and other types of hard surface floors from unnecessary damages. Aside from this a lot of buyers right now use it as not only a piece of thing that people usually step on but some a piece […]