Happy Independence Day!

In the celebration of the Independence day of the Philippines, I decided to put the flag of the Philippines on the sidebar of my blog. This is to inform everyone that I’m “100% Pinoy” and I’m proud to be one. “Pinoy” is the slang term for the word Filipino. It refers to the people from […]

Playing Chess & Masters

This next several months Capiz Chess Association, Inc. will have a series of chess tournaments on its annual schedule plans. This chess tournaments are big time tournaments sponsored by different political figures in Capiz. Aside from this local chess tournaments, an invitation coming from Iloilo came inviting CCA to join the Iloilo’s Grand Prix Chess […]

How to have your own .COM without spending your own money?

Honestly, I did not spend any money of my own to setup this domain www.bleuken.com. You want me to enumerate the things I have done to make this happen? Well, I have spend something but not my own money but only “effort” and “time”. Here’s the things that I have done last year that made […]

Welcome to BleuKen 1.0!

This is my first ever blog site that I registered on a paid domain. I’ve been planning this for several months already and now I already got this up with the help of a friend who provide a very cheap web hosting for me and referred a very affordable domain registration for the www.bleuken.com. Now, […]