This next several months Capiz Chess Association, Inc. will have a series of chess tournaments on its annual schedule plans. This chess tournaments are big time tournaments sponsored by different political figures in Capiz. Aside from this local chess tournaments, an invitation coming from Iloilo came inviting CCA to join the Iloilo’s Grand Prix Chess Tournament.

How I wish that I could join this chess tournaments but I think it will be the end of my chess career for the mean time for this year. Why? It is because that I will enroll for Masters Degree of my Computer Science course. I know I’m old for this but I need this MSCS and the conflict is Chess tournaments usually happen every Saturday and my classes in Iloilo are always in Saturday. This only mean that I can’t play this tournaments. I’m kinda sad with this but it is just for a moment. When I’m done with my masters, I might continue playing chess.

Goodbye Chess and Hello my Masteral Studies! Sigh…

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