SEO or Search Engine Optimization today is really becoming popular over the internet. It’s because popularity of websites today is based on how they are seen on the search engine result pages of the major search engines on the web today, Google, Yahoo, MSN and respectively.

Aside from that, different SEO challenges with great and promising prizes were released by different SEO companies in different part of the world. Just like the current “busby seo challenge” key phrase SEO challenge by Busby Web Solutions.

Now, I have summarized top ten SEO commandments that I considered important for beginning SEO practitioners. Here it is:

1. Love quality contents for your websites above all things.

2. Love your website by directory submission and blog reviews as same as how you love more text rather than graphical and script-driven content.

3. Thou shalt not use splogs (spam blogs), Google and other search engines might ban you.

4. Thou shalt not submit your websites to link farms.

5. Thou shalt use link exchanges.

6. Thou shalt build links organically.

7. Thou shalt link your websites to relevant websites only.

8. Thou shalt read Google and other search engines’ guidelines in building the structure of your website.

9. Drink a lot of water, SEO challenges like the Busby SEO Challenge might dehydrate you.

10. Finally, read a lot of SEO books from the world wide web it will help you rather than reading this ten commandments.

Not all hosting deals can offer what bluehost and hostgator do.

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