New games for Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony’s Play Station 3 and Nintendo DS are about to released on the market. The following games are expected to be played by gamers from all over the world using the said gaming platforms:

  • Ninja Gaiden 2, this is a game sequel for Microsoft Xbox 360 only. It’s not for novice and contains a lot of violence same as its predecessor. As Reuters said which is the source of this post, “Ninja Gaiden 2 is not for gaming novices since it retains the punishing difficulty of its predecessor. It is also not for the faint of heart, as players hack through hordes of enemies.”
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 for Sony Playstation 3
  • Battlefield: Bad Company and Spore Creature Creator from Electronic Arts
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for home consoles.
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James@Pink DS
14 years ago

Got any tips on games for smaller kids? I’m looking for some for my 6 year old – I’m not sure she’ll like Guitar Hero!!!