This is my first ever blog site that I registered on a paid domain. I’ve been planning this for several months already and now I already got this up with the help of a friend who provide a very cheap web hosting for me and referred a very affordable domain registration for the

Now, what’s my plan with the content of this website? Well, that’s the same question that I got from my collegues. I said it will be my personal blog that will contain a random thoughts about my self and my experiences on programming, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO). Actually the timing for this web site is really on its time because there is an SEO Contest today that I have registered and I’ll be joining the said contest. The said contest “BUSBY SEO CHALLENGE“. Oh well, this is just the beginning of the journey of this bleuken v1.0 on the net. Good luck to me and hope I can find my way to world wide web and compete to the wild wild net.