Google PageRank as seen at the Google ToolbarHave you ever wonder, what is Google PageRank? It seems that today it is a status symbol for every website over the world wide web. As if the traffic of websites today are very dependent to this PageRank.

Google PageRank is the rank given by to websites to specify its importance on search engines. The highest rank you can have on your website is PR10 while the lowest and usually the PageRank given to those sites who was penalized by Google is PR0 (PR Zero). Now, how can you determine the current PageRank of your site? Well, it’s either you go to SEO sites like and use their PageRank LookUp tool to see your current PR or simply install and enable the Google Toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox or IE browsers. You will see a green bar at the Google tool bar and will show the 3/10 fraction-like text which mean you have a PR3 website.

Now, how to increase your PR well my advice read carefully the Google’s guidelines in designing and promoting your websites. If you follow it carefully you might have a higher PR. Aside from that try learning search engine optimization (SEO), it can provide you much broader understanding about this matter. Later, I will try to post an entry about SEO techniques.

A PMI-001 professional usually has an EX0-101 as well as a 1Y0-259 to his credit and therefore does not to write 70-236, or 220-602 or even 350-030 at any stage.