Cebu SEO Contest Revisited

Today, my Cebu Seo Contest entry on this blog vanished again in thin air. It is deleted in index by Google. It shows on page two yesterday and the other day, but today its gone already. It seems that nothing happens with the effort I invested for the said post. That’s why I am giving […]

I am still using Visual Foxpro

Yup that’s right, I am still using Visual Foxpro right now despite it is announced by Microsoft almost a year ago that they will stop developing the next version for this programming language. I just can’t get rid of this VFP on my system because the coding system and semantics of this tool is still […]

2nd Monthsarry

Awoo, awoo… It’s’s 2nd month on cyberspace and I’m celebrating it right now by drinking a cup of coffee and eating my favorite snack, TLC Burger (Tender Loving Care Hamburger). The domain is exactly two months old right now and it already gain a lot of Entrecards and unique visitors. The word “a lot” […]

Roads to Success

(This post will not discuss about the different roads I will take to become successful with the Busby SEO Challenge 2008. If you want to read more about this SEO challenge, visit my anime blog @ [Busby Seo Challenge | Anime, TV Series & Movies Quotes]) Today, I’m really tired with the trip I […]

I don’t believe in December 21, 2012 Doom’s Day

Today, I did the the usual Entrecard dropping activities since I’m trying to increase the traffic of the website. I have passed by a certain blog that talks about the December 21, 2012 Doom’s Day. I forgot the URL already but I dropped immediately a comment about this. I said that I don’t believe to […]