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Today, I’m really tired with the trip I have this day. I was asked by my “boss” to confirm my MSCS enrollment in Iloilo. I’m not tired of the process of the enrollment because the school that I’m enrolling has a nice enrollment system so I’ve finished enrolling in not more than a hour. I’m tired because of the shaking effect of the vehicle when it pass some roads from Capiz to Iloilo. It’s like our vehicle is travelling in a moon in a normal gravity but with a lot of craters. Everytime we hit holes in the dusty roads, I felt like I’m losing some of my internal organs. I don’t know how many years people are suffering from this kind of dusty and full of craters roads.

I don’t know much about politics but I’m not that deaf and blind on the current situation of our country. But I don’t know what to do to help! I’m not a kind of person that participates in protests or shouts in streets. I’m not that fluent in English to write an essay that can touch and influence people to do the right thing. I’m just an ordinary citizen that suffers from this and just waiting for changes to come. It is because I’m not sure if it will make any difference if I do those things!

I believe if the government will be very serious about improving the life of their constituents and fix this roads immediately (not only during elections), life of the people will really change for the better. Imagine if we have an ideal roads, investors will likely encouraged to put their business in our province due to easy access of anything they need and minimizes their maintainance expenses for their vehicles used. I don’t know why for how many years, government can’t see these benefits. Are they blinded with their powers and prestiges? Or they just simply don’t feel this kind of burden because they are using a luxury car with double wishbone suspension systems.

I’m still hoping that our roads becomes a real roads to success! Maybe after several years, just a rough estimate! ๐Ÿ˜€

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15 years ago

That’s why I don’t go to Iloilo when I go home. It’s too much of a hassle.If given time, I’d love to go there again though ๐Ÿ™‚

I miss school. My favorite subject then was computer security and database programming. I want to take my MS too, but I don’t miss school enough to go back. I’ll be going to a different discipline if ever I decide to go back.

15 years ago

yup, we did attend the class but we don’t have class on our soft. eng. but we did enjoy our class with algo. design. i was not able to get online this evening because I’m tired. Hope to see you with us next week!

15 years ago

Bleuken how’s your first day at school? Did martina attended her class too? I’m on YM now ayt?