I have received another junkie spam mail on my Hotmail account asking for my password and other confidential information. People like this are not really stopping from this very unconvincingly scam to get inside emails.

My guess is that it happen because I used my email address for the Busby SEO Challenge and participated in the “Invite a Busby SEO Challenger” to win an iPod Touch. Its because Busby posted the email address on the contest ladder and possibly email spammers and crawlers scrape email addresses from this posted email. I don’t know if others experience the same way. Here’s the portion of the Busby invitation ladder:

Invite Ladder of Busby Web Solutions for the Busby SEO Challenge

However, it’s not a problem for me because I’m using an account under Hotmail and they have this anti-spam or anti-junk mail feature that filters this kind of emails. If ever you will received this kind of emails pretending they are legitimate web-based email administrators asking for your information so that your account will not be closed or terminated, don’t you ever get fooled by this junkie message. Hotmail and other free web-based email providers never ask for passwords or private information from you! They will not do that it’s because they have it already!

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15 years ago

I hate those emails. I don’t fall for them, but they are annoying and I know there are people that do fall for them — and I feel bad for them–

15 years ago

I received a mail from Paypal telling that my account is limited access and I have to “Activer”. The image link refers to divin.com/images/1 and this is not Paypal.

Even it is from Paypal, I never log in to Paypal or any other payment processor accounts using a link from my email.

Need to be extra careful when dealing with these type of emails. Need to create awareness among all the internet users.

Glad, you bring up this topic and this blog. You are helping a lot out there. Good work, please keep it up.

15 years ago

how’s your refs doing? You’re still on the top spot for the ipod touch? Best of luck to you my friend! I’ll buy it to you for 3k if you win ayt? hehe