Smart Communications released the Philippines first ever mobile all-in-one messages services named “UZZAP.” As according to the press release of Smart:

Uzzap is an Internet protocol (IP)-based, downloadable application which allows users to merge several messaging services such as SMS, instant messaging, and email into their mobile phone.

Aside from integrating these services, Smart Buddy Uzzap also allows users to join common-interest chatrooms, set up chat conferences, and use



    uhmmmm san po kea pde mgrequest ng room ng vamp?


  2. katherine

    pede gmitin ng roaming user eto n nsa abroad???para mkchat ko rin xa??

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  4. oic. they supposed to do that a long time ago. thanks Al!

  5. Sent. I’ll post an entry on it once it’s made public.

  6. wee, tell me send it on my email address. Promise I will not blog about it nor tell someone about it. 😀

  7. That’s not it 🙂 I’m afraid that Smart is not saying a word about it because it’s a huge undertaking that will disable (or rather extinguish) a famous feature of their mobile communication. The representative that I spoke with from Smart said it should be unveiled this July, but I was pessimistic about it due to the nature of the technology.

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