This morning I want to check my email and post something on my blog but the problem is my connection is not working. My network, SmartBro, acquires an IP address but unable to browse or even connect to YM! I concluded that there’s another SmartBro problem going on so I called their *1888 hotline to inquire about the problem but the BOT operator said that “The number can not be completed as dial!”

Are they avoiding questions or are they really suffering from problems because of the previous typhoon visit in the region and fixing something. Smart should inform us in any way possible. Maybe later this afternoon, I’ll check if there’s still problem on my connection. I hope they fixed it already because I need to surf tonight and I have a lot of things to do which is backlogged due to weeks of “black out” and no internet!

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13 years ago

Yap, reflected yung result sa speedtest sa browsing activities ko. I mean talagang mabilis, imagine having a download speed of 600+kbps at night measured on firefox when downloading files (movie) at mediafire.

14 years ago

The LAN router is not connected to the WAN. I believe SmartBro is using NAT, thus you’re getting a private IP address. You’re connected to the “wide” LAN, but the router is disconnected from the WAN that’s why you’re not able to access the Internet. PLDT does not have good technical support service by nature, so good luck with that.

Speaking of Smart, I’m really waiting for their new product. (confidential)