Today, I did the the usual Entrecard dropping activities since I’m trying to increase the traffic of the website. I have passed by a certain blog that talks about the December 21, 2012 Doom’s Day. I forgot the URL already but I dropped immediately a comment about this. I said that I don’t believe to this “prophecy” of Maya of South America even I don’t understand how they come up with this conclusion. I don’t want to know about it I know what to believe!

What I believe is that the possibility of Doom’s Day is possible but not in December 21, 2012. No one knows! The bible said that the day of the Lord will come on the most unexpected time of our lives “like a thief in the night. -1 Thessalonians 5:2” What we can do about this is to be prepared, be guided by the words of God and need not to worry.

Things will happen on God’s time!

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13 years ago

I couldnt agree with you more. Maybe its because i dont want the world to end. Im verry young , but i have been raised with the bible and it does say no one knows how it will end. I also think its rediculous to believe a group of indians that nobody has really ever heard about until now. I just wanted to thank you for wrighting this and helping me to have peace of mind. Its nice to know someone else feels the same about the situation as i do.

14 years ago

I agree with alfonso. It’s quite foolish of someone to believe another who is preaching of the End of the World. I’m not saying that you’re foolish bleuken my friend. hehe. I’m referring to the followers of such movement. One’s got enough problems to face daily why trouble oneself with something that has not happened yet or will ever happen. Live your life to the fullest daily and it won’t matter if you live another day or not.

14 years ago

I don’t want to sound critical of you, but the bible is also written by humans. Why are some people (not you) so fanatic about the end of the world. What they should be wary about is how their life would end because sooner or later it would.