Violent Games on Internet Cafe

Today, I decided not to attend my masteral class in Iloilo and its because of some personal problem. My son is in the hospital for having a rubella or german measles and he’s about to be discharged from the hospital. After I take my lunch today in a mall in the province, I decided to […]

Common Christmas Wish List

Christmas is about to come with several days to count on the calendar and each and everyone of us are all expecting for gifts to come. Maybe some from Santa Claus or from our real and can be touched loved ones. Every age have different wants for Christmas day. Children’s desired gifts are more into […]

Special Events in December 1

What is so special today? It is the first day of December and the beginning of the Christmas Holiday. Aside from this event today is a celebration of different happenings. The following are the events that makes the day special: 1. World AIDS Day. This is a day of AIDS awareness world wide. That is […]

ItzaBitza: Games for Fun & Learning

Microsoft and Sabi collaborate to produce a game that promotes learning and inspiring creativity for kids ages 4 and up. The game which is called as ItzaBitza, provides a unique and creative experience for children by allowing children to draw and bring their drawings to life. ItzaBitza was developed for three years under the Microsoft’s […]

SMS & Online Voting for PWA Semifinalists Started

Today, the SMS and online voting for the Philippine Web Awards semi-finalists already started. This indicates the beginning of the pre-finals round and the chance for PWA supporters and followers to vote for their favorite websites to win the People’s Choice Award. Both SMS and online voting will end by 12 midnight of February 26, […]