Why I Really Hate Guns!

If I will be asked by God what invention of man that I want to undo or to vanish in thin air, it is the weapon of destruction – GUN, here’s the reason why: Just the other day after I have checked the system that I have developed for a private hospital in Roxas City […]

Melamine Scare Everywhere

It started with China then it spreads everywhere! The Melamine Scare is now everywhere! I don’t understand why there are people in the world who sacrifice the lives of young people just to gain a lot of money. Imagine the reason of the two culprits who put melamine on the leading milk in china for […]

3rd Monthsarry

It’s September 7 today and I already forgot about the tradition I have started last month which is to have a short recap of what I have achieved and experienced within every month of my blogging life in bleuken.com. I am deeply into a certain contest lately and I am drafting rules & mechanics of […]