If I will be asked by God what invention of man that I want to undo or to vanish in thin air, it is the weapon of destruction – GUN, here’s the reason why:

Just the other day after I have checked the system that I have developed for a private hospital in Roxas City Capiz, I have seen some group of people gathering outside the hospital and the medical staff of the hospital is really panicking. There is another patient on the emergency and I overheard that the victim was a 6-year old child who was shot. I started to ask about the detail of the incident and I tremble in fear hearing the description of the victim. It matches the description of my child, a 6-year old, elementary student, well built and healthy child, so I immediately look into the emergency room and… my prayer was answered, it was not my child. I really want to cry that moment because I really thought something really bad happens. ๐Ÿ™

According to the people who witness the incident, the said child was hit by a “wild bullet” shot by a person who “amoks” in the public market. The child was a victim of a cross fired cause by fighting adults in a public place. Yesterday, I have heard that the child passed away. He did not survive the fatal shot he got from the incident. Actually he was the second victim because prior to him a 10-year old female child died on the spot when the incident happened. These people are really so irresponsible and I can’t think why there are such people exists on earth. I really can’t find any words right now to describe my feelings towards these people. I really feel bad about this.

What I can’t forget right now is the time that I saw the eyes of the child. I felt how the child struggle, trying to catch his breath, trying to live longer. This very young child wants to live more but because of this useless people who were given a chance to handle guns, ended his life with no reasons. Ah, how these kind of things happen to these poor children.

Now, I am encouraging everyone to pray for these poor souls and I hope that they got the justice that they deserve.

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Rein Valdez
14 years ago

I give sympathy to you sir bleuken. ๐Ÿ™
and to the victims of that incident.

I heard that news in the evening when I got home.

Personally I don’t like to firearms, I am very afraid of it. ๐Ÿ™

May the authority capture those suspects.

14 years ago

that’s a very sad story.. the culprits must be apprehended and put to jail. i also feel very sorry for the child’s family. it must have be very painful..

and am glad it wasn’t your kid.