It started with China then it spreads everywhere! The Melamine Scare is now everywhere! I don’t understand why there are people in the world who sacrifice the lives of young people just to gain a lot of money. Imagine the reason of the two culprits who put melamine on the leading milk in china for babies was to make a great quantity of milk to produce and released in the market. They didn’t even consider the fact that babies will be the one who will be affected by this irresponsible decision to gain. The effect is the whole China business and products made in China were greatly affected. With the previous Toy scandal, canned good meat scandal, other bad image about China’s products and this, melamine scandal will be the worst of its kind scandal that will really kill the industry of China. All over the world, from US, Canada, Asian countries and other places in the world started to question and even recalled the products of China from their stores. Some (or majority) of the countries even banned Chinese foods due to this melamine issue. Tsk! This will be a great problem for them to face for so many years and it will be very hard for them to recover. Even they put the culprits to firing squad, the effect and damage made were already done. They just can’t undo it.

Another problem with this baby milk scandal is that even baby milk that does not use raw products from China were affected. A domino effect. Every milk in the world were questioned and people don’t know now which milk they should give to their children. Which greatly affected the milk industry in the world. That’s why lately, different milk companies made media press releases claiming that they are not using China milk for their products.

Melamine is a chemical substance used to produce a plastic called melamine resine by combining formaldehyde. High level of melamine intake causes fatal kidney stones and with a young age, babies is not that resistant to this kind of toxicity in the body. That’s why there’s a lot of fatality in China caused by this melamine milk.

There are no really safe place on earth right now. I am just praying that this things come to end and may God do something to make things right and safe for us.

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14 years ago

indeed. it truly was an immoral act.