After the release of the first handset with a Google’s Android platform the other day, buzzing all over the net right now is about the unveiling of the new touch phone of Nokia this coming October 2. This new phone which is code named as “Tube” will be expected to battle iPhone 3G in the market. I guess this will be another expensive phone from Nokia.

For the past months, other companies (like Samsung, Eriksson, LG) aside from Apple releases touch screen phones. However, Nokia until now stays on the traditional screens. With the popularity of capacitive touch-screen technology that makes great clarity of picture in known touch screen cellphones (like iPhone 3G and LG’s Prada), Nokia had no choice but to release their own version of this kind of phone. It seems that they are the only cellphone company that is left behind by this kind of technology.

The question now is that will this new phone from them surpass the popularity of iPhone 3G? Can Nokia build a strong market for their new touch screen product? Will they release it much cheaper but with great futures? Well, let just see what will happen by the 2nd day of October.

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15 years ago

Two more days left before the said release of this awaited product. 😉