Summary of Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Data

After a month of participating to a certain campaign online called eriuqs spires healthy recreation by Rusty, I have gathered several data that can be very useful all through the different projects that I am currently doing. I have gathered several new free blog hosting sites that can be very useful in link building activities. […]

Programming NCIV Here I Go!

Tomorrow, I will take one of the qualification required by the institution where I am currently working as a full time Computer instructor. The qualification is required by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) to schools that offers technical courses such as the ladderized Computer Science course. Next year, teachers in TESDA schools will […]

Blog Updates this Month

I changed my current theme to Hybrid News, the child theme by the Hybrid Theme framework. As you can see, has a simple new and professional look now. I am still revising the WordPress theme so that it can provide several features such as sticky post and featured articles. I am also working on […]

Boracay, Chess and SEO this Summer 2009

Its summer time guys and everybody are preparing to pack-up their things to go down the beaches of the country. People have set their plans for this month and I made my list too. First thing is about my plan in going to Boracay Island this coming weekend. This is actually part of the annual […]