Beginning of A New Day For Me

Nah! I am not blogging about the newest update on WordPress turning to 3.0 or anything about the enhancements I made for my websites in a dedicated server to make it much faster than it does. I will try to discuss it later. For now, I want to share about how have a new day […]

Why You Can’t See Your Comments Here?

I have this funny comment on my blog the other day saying that I should shut down or delete my website on the world wide web because I am not publishing his comments on my post. The problem is I don’t know what was his previous comment and I don’t know why he was so […]

Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

Do you know where does your website traffic come from? Well, if not then you should find a way to know it. You can use the following websites / online tools to see how your visitors find your site and the origins of the traffic: AwStats or Webalizer. It is usually provided by your hosting […]

Programming NCIV Qualified, Finally!

Now its official, I recently gained a full qualification for the TESDA’s Programming NCIV which I just took last Oct. 13-14. I have mentioned on my previous post that I took this exam last May in Iloilo but I confused the NCC (National Computer Center of the Philippines – DOST) ICT Proficiency to be the […]