tesda-programming-ncivNow its official, I recently gained a full qualification for the TESDA’s Programming NCIV which I just took last Oct. 13-14. I have mentioned on my previous post that I took this exam last May in Iloilo but I confused the NCC (National Computer Center of the Philippines – DOST) ICT Proficiency to be the same with the said exam (see previous post). The said qualification is composed of two exams  or COC (certificate of competency). The first COC is the development of object oriented application which I use VB.Net 2008 to comply it. The second COC (which we actually took first prior to the OOP) was develop of application using procedural language where I used C language as my primary language.

Well, we did finish all the cases of the problem and was congratulated by our assessor as being “competent” for the said areas of expertise. This qualification is said to be a requirement for TESDA trainors teaching programming subject before they are allowed to teach. For more information regarding this qualification, you can visit TESDA.gov.ph.

What now? With the certificates from NCC and TESDA, I think I am qualified to work abroad but I will not. I love the Philippines and still want to serve my country as long as I can. Leaving the country is not the only option for me to find greener pastures. There are a lot of ways. I will use my skills and qualification for the improvement of my country, to serve it and my fellowmen. 🙂

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11 years ago

i already take nc4 but i … only passed coc 1
pls help me in coc 2 .. .

11 years ago

try your best!

Dennis Nava
Dennis Nava
12 years ago

wow what an inspiration……can you give me tips to pass the ncIV programming? heres my email [email protected] –you can add me using facebook…thanks po sir..God bless

12 years ago

ako din po nakapasa sa COC sa OOP, hinihintay ko nalang ang tawag ng TESDA para sa susunod na exam, iyun ay ang procedural programming

goodluck nalang sa aken

Danny Araneta
Danny Araneta
13 years ago

By the way, did tesda tell you the result of CICT/TESDA exam? Did you pass that exam?