I woke up late today and even missed my MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science) class in Iloilo. Maybe due to the long tired nights of the different work I am into (Projects , SEO contest i.e. oes tsetnoc, programming project and other stuff). When I open the TV, another disaster happens in the Philippines (my country). Typhoon Peping which comes after Ondoy hits the country with a great disaster. Death toll is rising due to the land slides and flash floods. I am really sad that this is happening in these places. I am really feel bad specially for those children who is the victim of this calamity.

Here’s a CNN report regarding this newest calamity that hits the country:

What’s the matter really? What happen to our land? Is this already the effect of the abuses the man kind have done to the environment? How many lives should be sacrificed before the government and the people see the real cause of all of this. I know that the typhoon is a natural phenomena and we can’t prevent it but the nature has a natural protection that can prevent so much damage but because of the different illegal activities and corruption of men, these natural protect deteriorates and made a lot of people to suffer the consequences.

What can we do about this? I hope that the next president of the Philippines will be someone who can do something to stop this abuse of nature. If not then how many presidents are we needed to wait before this things will be fixed if its not too late?

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Oes Tsetnoc
13 years ago

The event is just sad. Hope these people recovered from these problems.