Nah! I am not blogging about the newest update on WordPress turning to 3.0 or anything about the enhancements I made for my websites in a dedicated server to make it much faster than it does. I will try to discuss it later. For now, I want to share about how have a new day this opening of classes this June. I asked my boss (Department Head of CS) to make my employment status in school as part time from full-time.

Yeah, you read it right! I asked her to make me a part-time teacher of the school. It sounded like that I asked her to demote me :). Why? It simply because I decided to focus more on my internet ventures and having an “overloaded passionate” (a little exaggeration with the phrase) teaching will just make me lost my focus on a much “greener pasture.”

But why just quit all the way and have a full-time focus on the said business? Well, I just still love teaching and really like to share a lot of stuff to new breed of hot blooded internet surfers aka young students and make them enlighten to the world of great beginning in making money online adventures. 🙂 Aside from that, teaching makes me to learn new things and socialize to a lot of people offline. It is like a regular exercise routine for my brain cells and mouth muscles.

The advantages of my decision on focusing on my “work at home” business are – one, it let me spent more time with my family. Next it let me earn more than I should (compared to teaching and even to working abroad as an OFW) and finally it made me to take “rest” more than ever.

What I have now is just the beginning of a new day and I am very hopeful that my decisions would be according to what God have plan for me. I believe that everything that I have now – a great family, teaching career and a nice “work at home” business are all provided by the great God and I thank Him for that.

He is just correct to what he have said to me, “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you!” It happened!

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