Matt Cutts via Google Webmaster Help Youtube channel recently answers the question of some webmasters and SEO specialists around the world about the recent update of Google algorithm changed dubbed as “May Day.” This is called “May Day” because the changes applied happened April 28 to May 30, 2010. According to Cutts, this changes doesn’t really linked to Caffeine and they are applying this changes permanently.

Here’s Matt Cutts explaining May Day in details:

From the video he didn’t mentioned any tips on how to rank well on long-tail searches but if you’ll based the changes to what Google wants from the result on their SERPs, you will see that it is still the relative links and high quality contents are the two keys to better ranking on long-tail searches. So if you lost traffic from these changes, check your site now and there might be some problem with it. Update your site now and adapt to the newest Google algorithm update. If you want, you can just simply get my SEO consultancy services and I’ll do the “stuff” for you.


Here’s another video from WebProNews featuring the interview with Matt Cutts regarding the “May Day” algorithm and the “Caffine” implementation:

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