It is important that your WP sites are responding well whenever your visitor visits. Not only because, Google officially announced that they’ll include site speed and performance as part of the ranking signals or factor for ranking your website on their SERP but also it is because that this will improve the user experience of your visitors. If they find it to be very easy and fast access then there’s a high chance that they will go back to your site. Thus developing a regular visitor.

Now, there are a lot of WordPress plug-ins today that can be used to increase the speed performance of your website but I shift to one plug-in that contains optimization of the site. From compressing your site through GZip to managing the CDN (content delivery network) for your website. I am referring to the W3 Total Cache plug-in. Back then, I use either Super Cache or Hyper Cache as for my caching plug-ins but these two plug-in doesn’t have any option for integrating CDN to my site.

CDN or content delivery network is used for faster delivery of contents for websites. Files are stored in different networks and rendered fast from the nearest server to the location of the requesting surfer.

Now regarding the plug-in, it contains all necessary options to improve your WordPress site and been testing it for weeks. As of today, the plug-in did very well to my sites and right now updating the remaining of my sites to use it.

SEO Consultant from Capiz

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i am aslo using worpdress for one of my blog and thanks for sharing a good plugins for wordpress i think this will help for my blog and i will use this for my blog. Thanks for your post.