Do you know where does your website traffic come from? Well, if not then you should find a way to know it. You can use the following websites / online tools to see how your visitors find your site and the origins of the traffic:

  • AwStats or Webalizer. It is usually provided by your hosting as part of your package. Some hosting set it on by default others requires you to enable them. Webalizer provides a detail and summary of the traffic from the country where they came from, entry/exit pages, search agents/sites used and event the response code of the site.
  • Google Analytics. This is a great analytic tool from Google that requires you to sign-up for an account and embed a javascript tracking code on every pages of your site. There’s a lot of segment and reports that you can generate and find from this traffic tool. You can even connect your Adsense account so that you can determine which of your sites earn better and what keyword or articles attracts more clicks and money.
  • Alexa – A traffic ranking site that shows you the top most visited websites on the net classified by countries and categories. You can also see your traffic rank on other countries using this site plus the most keyword that the site is known of.

Traffic Sources from G.A.
Traffic Sources from G.A.

Now, as you can see on the image above, which is taken from Google Analytics it shows that most of my traffic are from search engine (73.24%) then referring sites (22.56%) and got less direct traffic (4.19%). Well with this data, it shows that the domain name that I choose for my personal blog is not that easy to remember but it also shows that my search engine optimization effort works. 🙂

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14 years ago

I have already posted google’s analytics last saturday but theres still no response. How long wil it take before it will be activated?

Anyway chong yo have a nice site and very good tips. Like it !