I have this funny comment on my blog the other day saying that I should shut down or delete my website on the world wide web because I am not publishing his comments on my post. The problem is I don’t know what was his previous comment and I don’t know why he was so “annoyed” on not publishing his comments.  Sad is that this guy is from somewhere in San Juan, Batangas or in Manila is a “kabayan.” 🙁

Now why I am not publishing some comments here or sometimes editing them before publishing? It is simply because I own this website and I have all the rights not to approve, publish or even edit comments that I find inappropriate to the site. I usually do this to spammy comments that passes the Akismet plug-in.

Aside from that its difficult to approve comments that are not using their real name and only leave comments to promote their products or services.

I don’t know what’s the problem with my “kabayan” who really wants his comment published. What’s with his comment anyway? I can’t even find it on the spam or trash folders.

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