Today, I decided to convert my “Sikat Ang Pinoy” website found at to become the first English and Filipino/Tagalog article submission site. I already enabled the registration process on the site but I wasn’t able to fix the Adsense sharing system and the theme of the site. However, this mean that you can register for an account on the site and submit your articles. If you want you articles to be approved, make sure it is not spammy and doesn’t plagiarized any original contents from the net. Just submit an article and put only one to two links. Approval of the contents will be manual so spamming the site will not work.

I am planning to change the appearance/theme of the site so that it will suit to its purpose. Aside from that I will post some specific rules on posting articles on the site so that possible submitter will be guided properly.

Currently, has PageRank 3 (PR3) and it will be a good source of links for everyone who wants to gain one way link to their site.

Register now.

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