Pacquiao vs. ClotteyIt is a week before the welterweight fight of the Filipino boxing superstar Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against the Ghana native, Joshua Clottey. You might be planning to watch and still don’t know where and how to watch it online or offline. Here are the list of some of the methods on how to watch Pacquiao vs. Clottey online or offline:

  1. Live in Dallas – buy your tickets now, you might not able to do it during the fight.
  2. Get a HBO PPV (pay per view)
  3. If you are from the Philippines and have a PLDT MyDSL account starting at 990 plan then you can avail the benefit of watching it live in online streaming for free. They will provide it on their WATCHPAD portal but you need to confirm your interest of watching Pacquiao-Clottey via going to on or before March 11. I think this is their method of controlling and monitoring the possible traffic that they might have during the fight. The last time that they did the same was with Pacquiao-Cotto and their system crashed and even me wasn’t able to watch it there.
  4. Watch it via the following websites that offers embedded video online streaming:
  5. You can also go to theaters for a fee or public plaza / gym near your (if you are in the Philippines), surely  they (politicians near you) will provide a free way to watch it in wide screen.
  6. Use SOPCAST to watch it. You need to download it at and then you need to find a SOPCAST address later that offers the fight. Here’s a list of Pacquiao vs. Clottey SOPTCAST addresses (sop:// and sop://
  1. You could wait for it on replay or delayed telecast on (not on ABS-CBN nor GMA 7) Solar TV Philippines.


  1. john wayne

    sana c mayweather n ang isunod mo para matahimik n ang mayabang n un tapos sunod mo tatay nya sungalngalin u rin ung bibig nun.

  2. john wayne

    manny looks like his just on spar session only, BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. joe

    manny pacquia and joshua clotthy are interesting to watch.May the best man win the fight.

  4. daniel

    miss the fight bcus i was stuck at church. really would like 2 see it now.

  5. rjay

    gusto kong mapanood ng live

  6. melvin caleste

    its so excited…..

  7. melvin caleste

    its realy nervous to all filipinos….and its so exited to watch…..

  8. manuel

    hope clotey wins

  9. Kavz

    links doesnt want to work its says that its offline

  10. lino ventura jr

    you can make it pacman

  11. sackie

    pacquiao will knockout clottey in 4th round.

  12. sackie

    pacquiao will be the winner for this fight. 4th round clottey will be knockout.

  13. edwin

    More power.. Thanks

  14. edwin

    very good service. thanks

  15. edwin

    yo! looking forward to watching the fight thru your site and hopefully you won’t miss sharing the SOPCAST address needed.

    thanks a lot.

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