Matt Cutts released a video containing the response to an inquiry on different ways to build organic links aside from creating great contents. He still explained that it is still contents that is considered the best way to create backlinks to your site. Here are some of what he have mentioned on the video:

  • Stories with controversy and / or humor usually create a lot of buzz and links.
  • Joining Online Community
  • Create a blog
  • Create a useful service, widgets and/or tips

Here’s the video for his complete explanation:

Some of the people I know create themes for WordPress and Blogger platforms to link a lot of links to their promoted site. Usually this makes their website promoted by other websites online that features great WP and blogger themes. Thus, building organic links from their “masterpiece.” Aside from that the themes that they are creating contains a link back to the author’s site which is usually on the footer of the blog theme.

If you have your own method of building organic links, you can share it below.

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