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I have mentioned on my previous post: Programming NCIV Here I Go, that I took the qualifying exam of TESDA which I thought a Programming NCIV qualification. I was wrong. It was an ICT proficiency exam by NCC (National Computer Center of the Philippines) which is required by TESDA for TVET trainers of Region 6 which I assumed as the said competency certification. This mean that I need to take the exam again from TESDA to acquire a level 4 qualification.

Now, regarding the ICT proficiency exam which is a two part test: 1 hour written exam and 6 hours hands-on problem in programming, I was informed last Friday by TESDA office in Iloilo and Capiz that I passed the exam. Not only that I’ve scored a high score, making me to top the exam in our province and the whole Region 6 (out of those who take the exam in the Region during that schedule). I was so happy when I’ve heard the news and almost jump for joy. I was expecting for the results for months now and really prayed to God to let Him give me this qualification. I believe that I need this one not for fame or what but for self-fulfillment.

This is the fruit of my hard work during school days and I thank God for giving me a clear mind and strength during that time. Now, TESDA endorse me to become one of the assessor of the Programming NCIV qualifying exam and will assess TVET trainers in Capiz and Iloilo later this month.


  1. Mark Gapaz

    sir mag exam po ako sa IT proficiency tips naman jan sir kung ano mga scope sa programming gagawa ka ba ng buong system?

  2. Alvin Alvarez

    ilang months mo sya hinintay yung result?

    1. After the exam kuha ko na ang result. Hanggang ngayon ba meron pa ring PIV? Parang dinisolve na yata nila a?

  3. timecaster

    pahelp po sa codes..thanks..

  4. Mark

    Sa OOP Language pwede bang gumamit ng .ddl? or Class? Ok lang ba sa Tesda?

    1. @Mark as long as you start from scratch. Pero if you will have it from the start of the exam, I don’t think so. Try mo lang baka makalusot 🙂

  5. reisatsu

    waOO galing nmn..

  6. izangel

    kelangan po ba mg generate ng reports?

    1. Depende sa assessor kasi. Kung ako if you perform all or some of the critical part of the exam, I will definitely pass you.

  7. ehMz

    wOw gaLing mO naMan pO..pwedE bigay ka naMan ng mga pLanning kasi to take the exam..thnks!

  8. albert

    hi sir im alberto C Celebre Jr , from Binangonan Rizal, region iv

    sir i passed the coc1 nciv exam, , and i am planning to take the coc2 (procedural exam) of testa next week , but chances for passing is really small in my case bcoz i really dont have any idea about it,, can you give me idea about the coc2 exam??, ,, thanks …

  9. Rubelito

    gusto ko lang malaman kung VB 6.0 yung itinuro sa inyo o yung .net ?

    1. @rubelito, what do you mean tinuro? I think you have the option to choose if .NET or 6.0 upon application for assessment

  10. wow sir congratulation you passed the examination.

  11. hey anong gamit mo sa procedural? i took it yesterday madugo.. decided not to take the procedural anymore

    1. I use C. I am more comfortable with it compared to the other options indicated by TESDA.

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