Tomorrow, I will take one of the qualification required by the institution where I am currently working as a full time Computer instructor. The qualification is required by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) to schools that offers technical courses such as the ladderized Computer Science course. Next year, teachers in TESDA schools will not be allowed to teach computer subjects if they will not pass any of the certification required by TESDA. That’s why I need to take the qualification exam for me to still teach the programming subjects. This qualification is called Programming NC IV (National Certification Level 4). Actually, I already passed the PCO NCII qualification and the Assessors course last year and I hope this level 4 qualification will add up to my list of credentials.

The said examination is composed of two types of exams. One is the 3 hours written exam and 6 hours hands-on programming examination. According to TESDA, NCC (National Computer Center of the Philippines) will be the one who will conduct the said exam. These event is the reason why I will be out for a couple of days. Actually the said Programming NCIV competency exam is only one day but I need to be on the testing center 30 minutes before the exam and since its in Iloilo, I need to stay there a day before the test. So, this afternoon I will be riding and will travel the long road to Iloilo and will look for a place to stay there for two nights and prepare myself for the exam.

I wasn’t able to review topics that might be on the written exam and been idle with my programming skills lately because of SEO coming to picture in my life. When I was younger, even I don’t have any programming projects, I still create programs using C Language and Visual Basic just for fun. I don’t know if I could still recall those days when I am building a chess program. I hope so and I hope that I am equipped enough to pass the said test of programming skills and knowledge. Ready or not, TESDA’s Programming NCIV examination here I go! πŸ™‚

Update: Someone told me, “You passed! and I rank #1 in Western Visayas NCC exam!”Β but the exam that I am talking on this post is not actually the Programming NCIV Qualification exam that is required by TESDA but the ICT exam of the NCC. If you are looking for THE P 4 exam, you can read my other post HERE. BTW, Idid passed the TESDA exam and currently I am an assessor in our place. πŸ™‚


  1. Bob Jason

    Hi just want to ask.
    1.) Is there a review or training before taking the exam? What do u suggest to do first?
    2.) Is there a prerequisite before going on the exam? (i.e. are there programming nc I, II ,II?))

  2. Xian Lim

    Dear Moderator:

    Can Someone clarify this? Thank you!

  3. Amy

    Hi po pwede po b mgtanong, kung pwede po bang mgtake ng exam s nciv kahit d pa po tapos ng college? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. hahaha xD I’m ready na sana magtake ng NC IV this month ng mabalitaan ko na iniiba na yung exams ng TESDA for NC IV kaya ndi ako natuloy T.T super duper handa pa nmn ako T.T

  5. jaybee

    sir pde bang gmitin ung C# sa Procedural Programming Language and For Object Oriented

  6. gary villanueva

    mga bossing, doon sa exam 1 OOP, yong pag-gawa ng library system pwede ba gamitin ang MS-Access? mas kabisado ko ms-access kaysa vb6 or

    2nd question doon sa 2nd exam na procedural ano programming language gagamitin pala?

    thanks po in advance sa lahat ng sagot nyo.


  7. toper

    good day po sa lahat ng programmer help naman po sa logic design d po ako marunong pero sa program po both structured and oop nakuha ko po lahat ng requirements sa packages pero na failed po ako sa design logic.. wala po kasi akng alam.. help po………… from iloilo

  8. tope

    Gus2 ko sana makapasa sa programming nciv kaso d ako marunong sa program logic and design pero sa programming natapos ko lahat ng tasks na fail lng ako sa program logic.. tulong po..

  9. i already pass the programming NC4 examination last 2011
    but i disappointed., why?? ano buh silbe nag Certificate na may Validity???
    na higher na man ang NC4

  10. thank you god i passed the Computer Programming NC4…

  11. Erickson

    im taking my exam next week notes lang po para sa java databasing daw po in text format d ko kc masyado focus java nun 8 years past po pleassss thanks po

  12. wil

    i already passed ncIV coc I object oriented and coc II procedural programming 2 years ago, kaso nakalimutan ko na ung UI nung oop, gusto ko sana buuin ulet ung system, can someone help me.. thanks..

  13. Darwin maglaqui

    napasa q ung nc4 last week pero nd q alam pano ko ilalagay sa resume q,ehehe
    sobrang hirap ng nc4 nakakatuyo ng utak. ung una ay oop visual basic ginamit q ksi para sken mas madali un and ung second ay ppl turbo c namn ginamit q no choice e d ko alam java,ehe

    1. Lon

      Hi sir,

      pwede nyo po ba ako tulungan?need ko po kc talaga makapasa ng NC4 para maregular ako sa trabaho..
      sana po ay matulungan nyo ako…

  14. mash

    hi, ask ko lang po kung anong mga object ang gamit to list the records, listview po ba o datagrid?

  15. jaypee

    meron ka ba? hingi naman ako study ko lng. d ko naman need memorize eh study lng tol hingi ako ha….pwde

    hintay ko reply mo…

  16. DCFajardo

    Sir,pwede b gamitin PHP for object oriented prog?

    1. @DCFajardo, pwede kaya lang depende kasi kung sino ang available na assessor. Kung walang available na assessor na marunong ng OOP in PHP, hindi ko alam if they will allow it. Pero tip ko lang, the test package nila is not that flexible that can cater other programming languages na hindi Visual. Ewan ko lang ngayon kung binago na nila kasi dinig ko inayos daw nila.

  17. Hello everyone! I also took NC IV in programming and luckily for me I passed. One thing I noticed is that the test package contains typos, if you are non-practitioner of this field you will get stuck on the Set2 of COC2.

    Also, one thing I noticed about the assessor is that she… I think is not a programmer? Why? Simply because she’s trying to avoid some questions from the candidate and very faithful to the test package which in fact contains errors.

    Meron din assessor na parang takot mag bigay ng “Competent” na marka kahit sobrang liit lng ng kulang sa appliction na pinapagawa. I wonder why TESDA are picking those dumbasses to conduct the assessment.

    More power to pinoy programmers. ‘Yong totoong programmers po.

  18. Danny Tan


    I am 17 yrs. old and I will take the NC IV exam as it must be required to take on our school…

    Is being a NC 4 holder or passer is not enough to be called as a relatively programmer…?

    So what is in the NC IV..
    Is it only for a 2 year course college graduates that makes it not enough competent to become a certified programmer…

    Being an assessor of Programming is NC IV doesn’t make a change a lot? On what things these stuff not acquired?

    Thank you Sir.. And I will wait for the response..


    Do you have any email accounts or Facebook account

    I may add you.. Coz I have so many questions about this stuff considering that I make a big preparations for this.

    [email protected]

  19. Shadowmaster

    Facts: NC IV kayo anong tawag sa inyo programmer????

    Truth: Iam an assessor in various Competencies in computer since 1998 and I am very dis appointed about the exam.. To be an NC holder doesn’t mean a thing…. Programming in a national certificate level 4 what is NC level 4

    look at this

    What is NC IV
    A worker at this level performs a wide range of application in a
    variety of contexts most of which are complex and non-routine

    Work involves some leadership and guidance when organizing activities
    of self and others as well contributing to technical solutions of a non-routine or contingency nature. Work at this level also requires evaluation and analysis of current practices and the development of new
    criteria and procedures

    Applications involve responsibility for the organization and performance of others




    download and read this



    Another question is are you relly worth …… will software company consider you among the rest because your NC 4 holder????

  20. Danny Tan

    Is there anyone here who can give the Pointers what will be included in this Competency coz I will take it this coming June..

    Please E mail me [email protected]

  21. ahmm..
    share ko lng po!!

    tnx po s mga blogs n toh!!
    dame ko po na22nan!!
    nga po pla, nagtake n po kme ng NCIV Programming nung april 16-17 sa STI College Bacoor, Nakapasa po kameng sampu!one take lng po!ang gling po super xciting ng coding!sbi nyo mhrap ung procedural?ndi nmn ganun kahrap eh!!nid lng eh logic!un un!!tpos dun po s OOP ndi nmn po smen pntapos ung buong test case!basta nagana po multiuser,,like ung admin,member at guest!!ok n un

    magrala po kayo dun po s SQL kc more on SQL xah!
    dun po s search of books kelangan ung sql!!dun po ako nkulangan!! ung \LIKE\ n gngmit pra dun s sql!!

    f u nid more info!
    just email me at [email protected]

    alam nyo bng one take lng kme?
    nakapsa n kme!
    tkenote s out of ten,,,ten dn kmeng nkpsa!!
    gling ng skul nmen noh?
    jm nga po pla ng AISAT- DasmariΓ±as

    1. weh???? 10 out of 10?? its on the assessor na cgru.. as far as i know maganda talga ang STI.. pero bakit kaya ung mga students dun eh pag gawaan ng thesis, sa ibang skul tumatakbo??? hmmm.. . . programmer din ako cgro,, dont think na kahit NCIV holder kana .. eh ikaw na ung pinakamagaling,, marami ang mga tao jan na nasa tabi.. walang papel pero matindi pagdating sa trabaho inshort papel lang yan… hahahha

  22. Margonz

    The NCIV is indeed a programmer’s exam. If you are practicing and doing a programming job say straight for 6 months, this will be an easy exam. The key here not whether you know how to program(of course it is a given prerequisite) but how can you get things done with the given time frame. Pick up that speed and this is a passable exam. (You can’t afford “trial an error if it works”)

  23. burst26

    sir pag wala ka background sa programming wag kana magtake yan maipapayo ko..kc yung mga graduating student alanganin pa sa exam ng nc iv,,,basta magawa mo lahat assesor muna magsasabing pasado ka,,,2 system gagawin ….

  24. something2ignore

    hmmmm dami ba hindi nakakapasa sa NC-IV?

  25. Barry

    lapit na ko kumuna ng NCIV examination…hingi lang sana ko ng koonting idea about dun sa test…..hehe

  26. apolsoft

    Sir, I would also to take a qualifying for programming NCIV but I’m not sure if I will pass this Qualifying exam.. I’m also a passer of CHS II. Sir idol ta ka sa SEO. Pd ka pa teach tagpila per hour.

    1. You’ll never know if you will pass if you will never take. If you are a programmer, you will definitely pass, if not then you better not take.

  27. James

    Hi to all,

    Mga katanung lng poh sa schedule sa exam NC IV, kong kailang poh here in Metro Manila? I am very Interested to take the examination…..
    Plz contact to my email [email protected]… Reply poh ASAP….
    Sabik na kc ako eh…….. Gusto kuna mo take…….. Thanx to all….

  28. jenny

    blueken can you give me idea about the object oriented programming

  29. jenny

    hello! I’am a graduating student would you give me some
    idea about NCIV ng programming?

  30. ReoJan

    Hello, I just passed the Computer Programming (NC IV) last November 17-18,2009 πŸ™‚

    1. @ReoJan, Great to hear that! Congrats!

  31. James

    Ask lng sa tanan kong kaylan ang Schedule sa exam NC IV here in Metro Manila?

    Thanx god bless to all,,, hope well all pass the said NC IV examination.

    Do your best until you got… Don’t surrender…….

    My motto….. I want to become a number one…… So i go go go go go…

    just email me [email protected]


    James P. Miones


  33. kishi

    hi congratulations to all who have passed the NC IV programming assessment
    i’m a project manager and i’m looking for experienced programmers who would like to work with me as programmer consultant / web developer and be a partner as well. If you are interested, kindly email your resume at [email protected]. I need certified NCIV passers also, but not necessary.

  34. doyrocks

    i have a copy of library system tol.mga 20 pages ung code.bigay q sau if need ka.nagtake na rin aq NC IV na yan! dumugo ilong q jan.:D

    1. Luisander Luy

      I will be taking NC4 next week. Pwede po ba humingi ng mga idea on the OOP part. Ano po ba ang mga required na features? At pwede po ba humingi ng copy ng program mo sa library system.

      1. @Luisander Luy, hindi po pwede kasi ma-aapektuhan po ang reliability ng test and I think its unethical. Try nyo na lang review ang database nyo with your favorite visual language. Sorry po!

  35. Master_Tech


    Sir meron po bng sched ng exam ng NC IV next month? Gusto ko po sn mag take ng NC IV ng Programming.
    Zambales area po ako.

    Salamat po.

  36. rich

    sample code naman ng library system po mayron ba kau?

    1. I think its not necessary. If you know how to add, edit, delete and print records from any kind of programming language that will be enough..

  37. whitelady

    ahm.. gud morning to all of us…especially those who are already an assessor.. can you give me hint for Computer Programming NC IV..
    may exam ako..
    reply naman kayu dyan please:-)

  38. Wolf_Gemora

    pd mgask?
    anu po ba dapat kong reviewhin..
    bago xe mtapos this year my exam ako aun..
    reply aman..po pls

    1. Basta pili ka ng C at VBasic/.NET mas madali. You need to programming languages to pass the certification πŸ™‚

  39. green_ning

    I already passed the NCIV last October 1…I’m from Cavite. πŸ™‚

    Our assessor is said to be one of the developers of the said exam… quite difficult but very challenging and i’ll learn a lot of things from that…

    They said that next year, NCII and NCIII for Programming will be established…That would be easier and graduates of programming courses might take that exam… πŸ™‚

    GoodLuck Everybody!

  40. vavhing

    hi blueken…. yung sa object oriented programmig bah, magdepende bo ba iyon sa filename sa pagkuha ng data mo for notepad file…..

  41. vavhing

    ok blueken thanks na lang sa info…

  42. vavhing

    hello po sa mga nakapasa nah!!! ahm… pwede po sana makahingi ng hint sa inyo kung ano ang lumalabas sa exam regarding Computer Programming NC IV… Im not yet a certified trainer. but im handling already a programming class takin already the National Assessent exam from Tacloban City and noboby passed the said exam. im from southern leyte pow…The administration wants me to take again the said examination. I need a help from you and also a hint about the examination …. the said exam is regarding the TESDA Payroll system using a notepad file for object-oriented programming, TESDA Payroll sysytem also for procedural programming!!! sana po you will not disregard my request coz mental block na ako i dont have the idea how to pass it…
    sana bigyan yo ako ng program codes kahit hindi running ako nalang ang mag-ayos nyan…
    please care to reply please…
    please…. please……

    1. @vavhing, the only “hint on Programming NC4” that I can give you is to recall your procedural and object-oriented programming subjects (specially the hands-on). As you said, you already teaching programming so I think you don’t have any problem anymore on the exam. I can’t provide any info more than that. It will be very unethical if I will.

  43. qwert


    just passed NC-IV yesterday…

    wow! grabe….

    advice? hmmm practice lang….

  44. whit3crow

    @ Joyce hayaan moh lang cya.. actually sa buong Philippines as far as i know 6 lang kami assessors. 2 months ago nag conduct ng national assessment and 40 delegates came from different part of the country (luz, Vis and MInda). Sa tesda Main ginawa ang assessment (TAGUIG) and no 1 passed the competency. Hindi naman siya mahirap kulang lang talaga sa oras and yung iba masado ninenerbyos.. Basta dapat cool lang..

    We are going outside region III na, Assessments were conducted na and will be conducted again sa Cavite and Batangas. I hope hindi muna kami padala sa Midanao kc mainit pa ang mga MILF at Abu Sayaf.. Hahaha! if anyone want to reach me heres my email add

    [email protected]

  45. Joyce

    bleuken and whitcrow, I hope there will be an assessment in your area this December, I want to take the exam, I am from Palawan, haay too far.

    There is no assessor here in our area, and I would like to apply also, its challenging for me because I have this bad experience with one of the assessor here in Palawan she is also my co-teacher our boss gave me the teaching load of PCO and she reacted badly Pinagmamayabangan nya ako that I dont have the right to to teach PC operations because that time I was only an NC2 passer of PC operation, She told me that she is most qualified because she is an Assessor, she even told me T***! ko daw.

    1. I think being assessor or not is not a big issue in teaching the subject. Another thing is that, I think they already abolished PCO, as I expected. πŸ™‚ Let her be, its a sign of insecurity!

  46. whit3crow

    hello mga guys! dami comment about assesment ah…any way here are some reminders na pwede nyo i consider regarding the NC IV Assessment

    Kung binasa nyo po mabuti ang test package kumpleto po yun ng mga details regarding your concerns. Including w/c programming laguages are allowed to use. Some of You naman are pertaining to the Profficiency exam and not the Assessment. These are two individual programs that are conducted by 2 seperate organization.. Ang Assessment po ay under TESDA in w/c the result is available right after the 2nd day of the assessment. The Profficiency Exam naman is Under the CICT, NCC the results can take 2 – 3 month to be published.

    There will be anther assessment that is being scheduled this comming september @ Cavite again, exact date and venue is not yet finalized.

    Keep rocking guys!


  47. joyce

    whitcrow and bleuken
    hello po, I am from Palawan and a computer teacher I am also interested to take the exam, and no idea at all. need help.

    1. Hi joyce, there’ll be no problem specially if you really making programs. I can’t give any more details re: exam. All I can say is “medyo mahirap na madali!” πŸ™‚

      BTW, FYI, possibly I will be one of the assessors in our province.

  48. ian

    Hi! Pwde bang gamitin ang PHP? Not familiar with C, Java and VB anymore eh. πŸ™‚

    1. @ian, if I will be the assessor, I will allow it. So ibig sabihin, it depends on the assessment area and assessor.

  49. avie

    @onid.. ksama k pla namin s sti bacoor…
    yup.. baka wala ngang marunong nun dun sa mga assessor.. kso parang narinig ko db, pde gumamit ng kahit n ano basta may dala kang compiler or editor nun..

    pde poh sa procedural ung java basta wla lng objects..

  50. Onid

    @all: hey I wanted to share mine with you guyz… ‘did take it last July 23 and 24 in STI Bacoor.. and we have some comments on the assessors that took the assessment..anyway:. its a 2 COC’s (certificate of competency), one for Procedural Programming Language and the other is for Object Oriented Programming Language:

    –Comments on the selections of Programming Language to be used:
    [o] For Procedural PL : Pascal (BOrlan or FreePPL) , C Language (Dos-based or Windows-Based)
    [o] For Object Oriented PL: JAVA, C++ (Borlan or Visual C++) , VB

    ..some who took the exams used JAVA in Procedural which is odd. some assessment (different locations, where another friend took the NC-IV),
    the assessors did not allowed using Delphi as an Object Oriented PL..(maybe because its Pascal).. ‘very odd’….

    1. @Onid, one possible reason why they didn’t allowed using Delphi is maybe there’s no assessor during that time that knows how to use Delphi.

  51. Laurice

    ahm, ayos naman yung examination… mjo mhirap nga and tlagang pagaganahin mo utak mo dun… ahm bleuken bkit wala p rin result yung inyo? smin ok n agad…

    @whitcrow: kelan ulit assessment here in cavite??? update me if meron n po… here’s my email add… [email protected]

    1. Oo nga e! Maybe I did not pass πŸ™‚ Actually its not the usual TESDA assessment that I undergone. The usual is after the exam/assessment, you’ll be informed immediately if you pass or not. In our case, we don’t have any idea if we did or not.

      I have a feeling that I pass but I am also uncertain if I really did. Right now, I am still waiting for the official result and I am preparing myself.

  52. Laurice

    whitcrow??? hehehe, kaw po ba yung naging assessor namin nung thursday and friday sa STI bacoor??? This is Laurice, naku…mdugo nga yung exam pero sobrang enjoy…hehehe…uulitin ko yung isa…^_^

  53. Margonz

    Wait, bleuken did you say 2 months pa ang result, I also took the same NCIV exam few days ago, and the result will be available in a week daw.

    1. IC. NCC is the one who gave the exam to us and that’s what they’ve told.

  54. william

    ei mga bro,

    May specific Language ba na gagamitin sa ASSESSMENT?
    VB 6.0 Programmer kasi ako..

    reply po sana ASAP, thanks…

    1. @william, you are allowed to choose one language upon application.
      @Avie, I’ll try to update you with the result but I can’t give you any hint nor anything about the content of the exam.

      I find the hands-on part easy – I choose C for the language, but I did some “real deep thinking” on the written exam. We were informed that the results will be up in two months time.

  55. Avie

    hmn.. kinakabahan n rin ako.. i still don’t have time to practice… and to review the terms for the written. by this week n yata yung exam.. huhu
    @whit3crow. Bacoor, Cavite poh kami ni laurice.
    @herman..i think mahirap pag-aralan ng on the spot ang turbo c… why did you chose to use turbo c, DOS based poh yun db?? hows ur exam?
    @bleuken.. balitaan m poh kami..^_^

  56. whitcrow

    the average of the passers is very low,

    Laurice, if you will take the exam in pampanga baka ako assesor mo., ano location mo?

  57. pppstttt…..hi pwed pa help ngayon na kasi di ako marunong gumamit ng turbo c tapos ngayon na ang assesment namin T__T…
    tnx =D

  58. Pablito P. Jacquez

    Im Pablito P. Jacquez

    Hello to all have experience the said NC IV examination…..

    I have one thing to ask to all, if the 3 years course is allow to take the exam NC IV….?

    Because my course is DT – Major in Information Technology….

    And i want also to take NC IV for purpose additional experience and certificate if i pass the exam…

    Actually, my master Programming Language is VB6.0

    My work now is Private Programmer… Please reply to my email add. [email protected]

  59. Laurice

    Hello bleuken. I’m Laurice and I’ll take the NC IV this month of July… Whosh…knakabahan po ako, madali lang po b ang exam??? Hope so… ^_^
    I really wanna pass it but i don’t have any idea kung ano yung magiging laman ng exam.. well, goodluck!… pasado ka na po ba??? hehehehe…sige po, GodBless us… ^_^

    1. The result is not yet out and I really want to pass it. I’ve just got trouble answering a couple of questions but I find the hands-on exam easy. Hope for the best and am crossing my fingers. Some speculations said that only few got pass and it sounds like I did not. But I am still hoping!

  60. whit3crow

    how did the exam go bleuken ? i know it will take atleast 2 months to have the results. Hope u passed!

  61. Jarred

    Kumusta ang test? ayos lang ba?

    1. @Jarred, ayos lang. Medyo tuma-as ang BP ko sa written pero madali ang hands-on. Sana makapasa! πŸ™‚

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