1st Monthsarry!

Happy 1st Monthsarry to my website, weeh! It’s bee a month already since I have started this website and I’m really happy with how far this website have been. A lot of things that I have been made to this website to make it much more visible to search engines and readers all over the […]

When Nature Fights Back!

Last Saturday, I’ve been to Iloilo to enroll my masteral studies for MSCS course. I have seen how the province was hurt by the recent Typhoon Frank that hits them last June. Lot of houses were flattened to ground and some sugar plantation were flooded with mud and started dying. I also overheard from other […]

The Absence of Light

Electric power in Capiz is still not back to normal and “darkness fall” in our Barangay every after 6 in the evening. The following are the things I have experience and discovered during this “no electricity” nights: 1. I spend more quality time with my family during this “no electric power” evenings. I usually watch […]

Video of Typhoon Frank that hits Capiz

Last Saturday, June 21, 2008, Capiz was hit by Super Typhoon named “Frank”. This is the first and one of the worst typhoon ever encountered by Capiz for this year. I have uploaded several videos in Youtube and here’s some of them: (This amateur video was taken by Mr. Allan Toos).

Avoiding Infidelity

Wikipedia define INFIDELITY as “any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of a relationship, and is a breach of faith in an inter-personal relationship.” The said violation is usually common to men and almost every men are “very vulnerable” to this kind of violation, even me :D. It is also one of the […]