Electric power in Capiz is still not back to normal and “darkness fall” in our Barangay every after 6 in the evening. The following are the things I have experience and discovered during this “no electricity” nights:

1. I spend more quality time with my family during this “no electric power” evenings. I usually watch TV or surf the net whenever I’m staying at home after work but due to this incident I started spending more time with my child and my wife. We’re talking different things, from “INASWANG” to anything that comes in our mind.

2. I appreciate the beauty of fire flies at night.

3. I sleep and rest earlier than usual. I usually sleep late at night, usually 5 hours of sleep but right now I’m sleeping 8 hours to 10 hours of sleep. I feel more energized every morning right now.

4. I also found out that there’s life after “no internet”.

5. I have discovered something to myself, that I don’t know anything aside from using my computers and playing chess.

6. I started cooking foods.

7. I started to hate canned foods.

8. I begun to realize the value of REFRIGERATOR and ELECTRIC FAN.

9. I forgot to drink coffee before sleeping.

10. I also discovered that I can’t write anything (story, blog posts or tips) without the internet.

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