Wikipedia define INFIDELITY as “any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of a relationship, and is a breach of faith in an inter-personal relationship.” The said violation is usually common to men and almost every men are “very vulnerable” to this kind of violation, even me :D. It is also one of the reason why there are so many broken families right now.

Now, I have read several books and heard several advices and sermons about how to avoid infidelity or avoid being unfaithful. Here are those tips that I remembered and I guess find effective.

1. When your having conversation with women or acquaintances, talk about your wife and your children. This will give them an impression that your happy with your family life.

2. Avoid situations that will give you chance to get more closer to other women or men.

3. Give more time to your family and set your priorities in life.

4. Avoid going with people who tolerates unfaithfulness or giving you idea on how to be unfaithful.

5. Learn to say NO to “good opportunities”. Redefine the meaning of “macho”. It doesn’t mean you refuse an “indecent proposal” it doesn’t mean you’re not a man already.

6. Believe in God with all of your heart and soul. This will sum up everything. Once you have “fear and love” with God guilt will immediately felt every time you think you will do it.

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Orly Ilacad
14 years ago

These are indeed very helpful tips to blocked potential marriage wreckers. Infidelity is indeed very rampant and welcoming to everyone, your tips are really helpful!