Today I managed to configure our new Pentium IV FSB 1333MHz LGA 775 Core 2 Duo CPU with Marvell Yukon Chipset SysKonnect SK-98-XX ethernet card as the internet server for our school with at least 100 computers. I use the operating system OpenSuse 10.3 for the said purpose.

The problem i encountered when I was setting-up the computer is that the OpenSuse can’t detect the built-in LAN card of the Jetway motherboard of our new server. Actually that’s the same problem I have encountered last semester but I don’t have time to explore it but today I managed to find the solution for the said problem. Here’s the things I did to make the OpenSuse recognize the device:

1. I’m using CD#1 installation of OpenSuse so it lacks some packages that is required for the process so I was obliged to use an add-on LAN card and setup it up to connect to the internet so I can download required files to allow OpenSuse to recognize Marvel Yukon Chipset SK-98-XX LAN card.

2. I downloaded the Kernel Source, QT3, GCC, Make & Automake. These are the files that is required to recompile the kernel.

3. Then I apply the driver patch of the Marvell Yukon as per instruction of the driver. This instruction and driver source are available on Marvell Yukon’s website (see instruction on section Linux Kernel 2.6.x)

4. As per instruction, I install the driver then recompile the kernel and apply it to be used by OpenSuse during startup. After rebooting the system, the ethernet card will be loaded and will be ready for use.

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