Are you a blogger and wishes to have your own website for $10 only? Yes you can build your own .com, .net or .org blog site for only $10. With as cheap as $10 you can easily have your own domain name. Just register for a blog on and redirect your blog to your domain to this blog. Here’s how to do it.

1. If you still don’t have any domain registered, Blogger provides an area where you can register a new domain for $10 and you can pay it via your credit card. Now if your money is in Paypal, you can try registering your domain on, they accept paypal payments.

2. Now after registering your new, log-in to your Blogger / Blogspot account.

3. Go to Settings->Publishing. You will see the following. Click CustomDomain.

4. Then you’ll be asked for the domain where you will be redirecting your blogpost blog. Then that’s it you have your own blog in a .com or paid domain. Good luck!


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